Olbermann: See Change + Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Bill’O! + Bushed! + Cleanliness VS. Godliness

Yeah, Rachel mentioned the exclusion of Kucinich in last night’s “debate”. Too bad Keith never seems to mention Kucinich’s name at all (or rarely). ~ Lo

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Jan. 16, 2008

See Change

Keith talks with Rachel Maddow.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Bill’O!

Keith talks with Paul Roeckhoff.

I am glad Keith finally went after BillO over the crap he said about homeless vets.

It is a real problem, John Edwards should not have been attacked by BillO over this. It is a problem almost any one can see on the streets on almost every city in the country.

Is Bill this blind, or is he just so out of touch that all poor people to him don’t exist. To think there are no Vets out there with no serious problems, even living under bridges. Well to me it is just out right denial.

Maybe Bill should just go and label him self anti-American, he does not even support our troops. This is just a sad story, and BillO makes a huge joke out of it just to personally attack Edwards.

Bill you better keep to your word on this one, and help with the problem like you said you would. I don’t think just a apology is going to cut it this time. Time to put all that money you make on the crap you say to a good cause for once.





Cleanliness VS. Godliness

Keith talks with Jonathan Alter.

How The West Is Won

Keith talks with Howard Fineman.

World’s Worst

Worse: Fox & Friends

I knew this one was coming when I saw this in the morning, I even have it posted my self here:

Worser: Investor’s Business Daily

Worst: Frederick Kagan


Kucinich Wins Help for Vets

Kucinich Garners $10 Million For Gulf War Veterans Illness Research

5 thoughts on “Olbermann: See Change + Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Bill’O! + Bushed! + Cleanliness VS. Godliness

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  2. They published it, LOL!


    I’m like on a roll here, got any revolutions to incite? Seems I’ve got this moderator flexing the mike to the left hand side…(Or maybe they’re finally making up for the 90% of my rants they wouldn’t post the last years!)

    Oh well, too little too late: the cake it does not take.

    But I’m gonna send a note to KO, he was clearly stymied when Rachel Maddow mentioned Kucinich– it must be hard for KO to swallow his outrage like that, maybe he needs some encouragement to find another forum.

  3. I left this comment on the ongoing NYT Caucus Blog forum (much as I hate that rag now, they seem to publish most of my stuff these daze, we’ll see about this one! By now they probably think I’m their token fanatical insurgent vituperative ‘leftist’~ tho that article about NBC ‘winning’ did finally drag a few conscientious folks out of their blind torpor):

    Per: #266, Re: MSNBC’s KEITH OLBERMANN;

    You said my thoughts exactly!
    But to make it worse, just the prior night, Keith-O was defending his ’employers’ GE and NBC against attacks by Bill-O.

    Keith Olbermann, if you’re out there:
    No matter how well you’ve used your ‘platform’, defending GE, the arch polluter and miscreant arms manufacturer, who just derailed democracy in America, it’s time for you to speak out about this!

    This was not the best use of your platform in fact it’s despicable. You only escape my wrath because of your excellent rants the last season or two, especially the “Pathological Liar and Idiot In Chief” one from the night the NIE Iran report broke.


    GE is one of the most evil mega-corps this diseased system has manufactured, continuing to dump PCB’s into our Hudson for decades after it was known to be immensely dangerous and completely non-degradable, and then refusing to abide court orders to clean up their mess, to this day! But their antics as largest arms supplier and now election defrauder, makes them Satan incarnate.

    Let’s find a way to straighten out Keith Olbermann without giving ammo to faux.

    Keith,: You’ve made your millions, now resign from NBC and go donate your time to Democracy Now!

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