Was Yucca Mountain the Real Reason Kucinich Was Silenced by GE?

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Submitted by Eugmc on January 16, 2008 – 2:26am

We’ve all heard about the elephant in the room, but how about a mountain? Yucca Mountain to be more specific. The mountain which you may have seen in your visit to Las Vegas, Nevada, is becoming a big part of the national debate.

Why? Yucca Mountain is most notable as the site of the proposed Yucca Mountain Repository, a U.S. Department of Energy terminal storage facility for spent nuclear reactor fuel and other radioactive waste. That has environmental groups worried and the site, which was suppose to open in 1998 to store nuclear waste, and has delayed opening the facility till more tests are done at the site. The site is considered the most studied piece of geology in the world.

So why does this matter? Congressman Dennis Kucinich is the only Presidential contender to have voted against using the proposed site and General Electric, which owns NBC and MSNBC who ran the debate yesterday, didn’t want his take on the whole mess that the United States Government is brewing.

John Edwards, stealing a convenient tactic out of his former running mate turned foe John Kerry, has stated that although he voted for the plan he is now against. Thanks, John.

Hillary Clinton continues to vote in favor of Yuka Mountain’s funding which has cost the taxpayers of this nation upwards $7 Billion dollars.

What about “Mr Change” Barack Obama? Well, he votes in favor of Yuka Mountain and while doing so is taken major money from backers in political donations.

Hillary Clinton was nice enough to point that out when the elephant was brought up briefly in last night’s MSNBC debate.

So, was Kucinich not allowed to debate because he was a “fringe candidate” or was GE just afraid that he would dare speak the truth that will bring in major amounts of money for the corporation and, at the same time, risk the health of millions in the biggest growing metro area in the United States for years to come when the facility starts storing nuclear waste?


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