Wexler calls for Cheney’s impeachment (video; Spanish subtitles)

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By John Bresnahan
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Jan. 15, 2008

Wexler calls for Cheney’s impeachment

Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) is urging the House Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment hearings against Vice President Dick Cheney, despite opposition from House Democratic leaders.

“In this time, at this moment, Congress must stand for truth,” Wexler said in a speech on the House floor Monday night. “A growing chorus of Americans is calling for accountability. The response from Congress thus far has been silence and denial.”

Wexler’s speech was met by applause from spectators in the House gallery, resulting in warning to them to be quiet.

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Robert Wexler, democrata da Flórida, reuniu 189 mil assinaturas de apoio a audiências públicas do Congresso para investigar o vice-presidente

Added: January 16, 2008


Wed. Jan 16, 2008, National Call-In Day for Impeachment (action alert)



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  3. Wow thats not going to happen,money talks. I am starting to think that if we cant get The House and Senate to help us. What kind of thought crime bill will be passed to block this. they blocked ever attempt to do any kind of justice so far. They have used our government against us to the point of madness. Now we are all sitting around waiting for the sell out of the States of America to become parts of owned by some other country. Your government has been highjacked by a group of sellouts and American are to dumb to realize it.

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