Harry Reid Attacks Dennis Kucinich on Radio Show + Sign ACLU Petition to Sen Reid (FISA) (updated)

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After Downing Street
Jan. 17, 2008

Listen to this clip of an interview with Christiane Brown. Tell Reid what you think of it.


FISA Debate Comes Down to Reid and the Constitution

January 18 , 2008

More than two years ago, the nation learned that the National Security Agency was spying on Americans without warrants or a court order. And since that time, we’ve been waiting for Congress to stand up to the Bush administration abuses and bring NSA spying in line with the Constitution.

The Senate returns next week and the temporary fix to the NSA problem expires soon. Now, Senator Reid has a choice to make. He can finally bring to the floor of the Senate FISA legislation that protects our right to privacy and due process. Or, he can once again fail to stand up to the Bush administration’s demands for unnecessary and dangerous broad powers and bring up for a vote a shameful, unconstitutional bill.

The ACLU is engaging thousands of its members and asking them to call their senators. We’re running radio ads targeting key senators around the country. We’re holding dozens of meetings with senators and their staff in their home-state offices. And, we’re working with a broad coalition of organizations to make sure any spying legislation Congress passes protects our privacy and the rule of law.

Make the voice of freedom heard: Sign the ACLU petition to Senator Reid now.

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9 thoughts on “Harry Reid Attacks Dennis Kucinich on Radio Show + Sign ACLU Petition to Sen Reid (FISA) (updated)

  1. Thank you – duh to me! I think it is very important to call him on this – I think he is way out of line. What kind of leadership is he demonstrating – using his position in such a bias and damaging way? And to be so cryptic about it , implying that
    his opinion should just be understood – with nothing to stand on- no substanial reasoning..
    It makes me livid!

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  3. Wow that’s sad. A real leader for democracy – sounds like the type from Texas who demand loyalty oaths because they don’t have anything to stand on and need to ensure compliance for their hidden agenda.

  4. Sen. Reid is obviously in the with “the plan”… He said FIRST : “He cant get elected”. Then he hemmed and hawed as to why. The plan is to shut DK out for bringing up impeachment in a nationally televised debate. And maybe some1 should remind him that universal healthcare is one of the Democrat’s most deeply held convictions…. is this guy really the majority leader? And what was that threat-like comment about “looking to his congressional district” … Sounds like confirmation that the Party is behind all the ridiculously well-funded primary challenges DK has now.

  5. Since when is Peace and Accountability for war-crimes ‘programs the American people won’t accept’.

    If that’s true, then it’s a case against the ‘american people’ not Congressman Kucinich!

    As Kucinich stated in a recent profound oratory, what he is doing is precisely the right thing for ‘his district. In that speech he quantifies the millions his district was robbed of to sustain this war.

    Is he saying Kucinich is not a ‘good person’???(!)
    Was he as Sen. from NV behind the cancelling of Kucinich from the LV debate??

    I am no blind zealot, but my brain just doesn’t compute Harry Reid’s point. I thought he was against the war!
    There is a lot he’s not saying about this, and something tells me I don’t want to know what his agenda really is.

    Can’t wait till I can go back to detesting politics…

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