Randi Rhodes interviews Kucinich on NBC shutting him out

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January 17, 2008


Media wrong to exclude Kucinich

by Rebecca Wolfe
January 17, 2008

The message of Rep. Dennis Kucinich was once again withheld from the public. NBC News, after inviting Kucinich to the Nevada Democratic presidential debate, reversed its decision and successfully appealed a judge’s ruling that Kucinich be included.

The control of U.S. elections by corporate interests is very dangerous. Nearly all of the secure, online (and live) straw polls have been won by Kucinich. Kucinich has won the post-debate polls on “Who won the debate?” — but the networks and the best-funded candidates (Edwards, Clinton and Obama), as well as the Democratic Party itself, do not want you to hear what Kucinich has to say.



NBC excludes Kucinich from debate: a gross violation of democratic rights

By David Walsh
World Socialist Web Site
17 January 2008

Welcome to democracy, General Electric-style.

The exclusion of Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich from the Democratic Party presidential candidates’ debate in Las Vegas Tuesday night casts a bright light on the reality of American political life: NBC, a privately owned company and a subsidiary of giant conglomerate General Electric, had the final word as to who would participate and who would not.

When necessary, the American television and media giants posture as “public servants,” dedicated to the general welfare of the community. When an issue arises that they perceive to be threatening to their economic or political position, the networks reveal themselves for what they are: private firms that manage public opinion in the interests of the profit system.

Dennis Kucinich is no threat to American corporate power. His campaign is largely an attempt to convince opponents of the Iraq war and others that the Democratic Party, deeply discredited in the eyes of wide layers of the population, is large enough to encompass their views. Nonetheless, here we have the case of a giant transnational corporation directly intervening to exclude a candidate from an event advertised as an exchange on critical political issues.

General Electric, NBC’s parent company, is one of the largest corporations in the world (11th in the Fortune Global 500 on the basis of $168 billion in revenues in 2006), and a major defense contractor, with extensive business dealings in both Iraq and Afghanistan.


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  2. David Walsh is a hypocrite. Dennis Kucinich campaign is about speaking truth to power and standing up for the American people. Its not about keeping people in the Democratic party. David Walsh claims Dennis Kucinich is no threat to corporate power. If that was the case then there would be no reason to exclude Kucinich from televised debates. There is no candidate more of a threat to corporate power than Dennis Kucinich. Dennis has always been a champion of the working class and defended working class interests.

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