Was Kucinich excluded for political views? By Amy Goodman

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By Amy Goodman
Jan 17, 2008

One pundit called the Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas “a lovefest.” It may well have been, but only because the corporate sponsor of the debate, General Electric-owned NBC News and its cable news channel MSNBC, rescinded its invitation to candidate Dennis Kucinich.

NBC decided earlier that it would invite the top four Democratic candidates to the debate. Then New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson dropped out of the race, which elevated Kucinich to the fourth position.

Late Tuesday night, after the debate, Kucinich learned that the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., was going to take up a defense appropriations bill on Wednesday. He took a red-eye flight back from Las Vegas.

Unlike the candidates who General Electric/NBC News allowed into the debate, Kucinich stands alone in opposing war funding: “I’m the only person running for president who not only voted against the war, but voted 100 percent of the time against funding the war.

“They either voted for the war, in the case of Sen. Edwards and Sen. Clinton, or they voted to fund the war, in the case of Sen. Edwards, Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama, who, by the way, campaigned saying, well, he opposed the war from the start, but then when he was elected to the Senate, his voting record is indistinguishable from Sen. Clinton’s with respect to funding the war.”

He went on: “It goes right to the question of democratic governance, whether a broadcast network can choose who the candidates will be, based on their narrow concerns, because they’ve contributed – GE, NBC and Raytheon, another one of GE’s properties, have all contributed substantially to Democratic candidates who were in the debate.


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2 thoughts on “Was Kucinich excluded for political views? By Amy Goodman

  1. Dennis Kucinich is the corporate media’s worst nightmare, he is uncorruptable, won’t take campaing contributions from the war profiteering owners of the media, and speaks with loud and clear voice for the issues that working Americans need to hear.

    Off course his political views are why he is being marginalized by the media. He campaign is to return the power in this country from an oligarchy of corporate elitists to the people. Look at his platforms: End the war – corporations will loses billions of dollars in defense industries and access to Iraqi oil. Single payer not for profit health care – corporations will lose billions of dollars in control of health care for all Americans and the money soaked from the people taking medications. Ending U.S. participation in the WTO and “free trade” agreements – Corporations would not be able to export good paying American jobs as easily and would not be able to build factories where they ignore the environment.

    A Kucinich presidency would cost the corporate owners of the major media in America billions of dollars in profits. The media has used its voice to propandize the message that putting a real voice for those who believe in peace, those who do the work in this country, and those who are exploited by the powerful is unelectable. Constant bombardment with the same message through all corporate media outlets and the power brokers in the political parties makes the American people feel helpless and allows them to decide to vote for someone they are told is electable.

    Kucinich’s messages registers with working Americans, but they have to be able to hear it to understand the voter makes the decision of who is electable and who isn’t not the corporate media.

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