Ron Paul: Government Must ‘Preserve Liberty’ (video)

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Rep. Ron Paul, a Republican candidate for president, emphasized Friday that “the purpose of government is to preserve liberty.”

Added: January 18, 2008

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Ron Paul interview on CNN 1-18-07 (video)



3 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Government Must ‘Preserve Liberty’ (video)

  1. actually, ron paul is the only candidate who endorses *true* democracy, because he would bring government back to the local/state level where the various communities and constituencies would have more say over the regulatory policies implemented there, instead of centrally planned economic mandates issued by our platonic guardians at the federal level with very little input from we the people, other than perhaps a vote every two or four years. it would be very easy to pass single-payer health care in california, for example, if all the power and wealth was returned back to the citizens of that state, instead of being squandered overseas.


  2. For Paul, the main role of government is to stand in the way of freedom by systematically curtailing the power of government such that it cannot be used by ordinary people – workers, minorities, women, homosexuals – to advance their common interests.

    Ron Paul is anti-democracy. He is for capitalists, not for the majority.

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