Nevada/South Carolina Primaries Update With Stats by Rob Kall

See: SC Democratic Primary Results 01.26.08

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by Rob Kall
January 20, 2008 at 07:53:47

Hillary Clinton defeated Obama in Nevada, in a close race, pulling 51% to Obama’s 45%. Among Nevada Democratic voters, 59% were women, and the 68% of them were over 45– both demographics that favored Clinton.

John Edwards pulled 4% of the vote.

While Clinton grabbed the psychological “win” she actually won one less electoral vote. Obama got 13 to Hillary’s 12 and the Obama camp claimed that Obama “won” the all important delegate count race.

Clinton won with women and Latinos– with Latinos choosing Clinton three to one over Obama.


Romney was a clear, huge winner in Nevada yesterday, with 52% of the vote, helped by one of the largest populations of Mormons in any state outside of Utah.

Ron Paul won a solid second place finish with 14% ahead of John McCain, with 13%, and with Huckabee and Thompson each with 8% and Giuliani with 4%. Paul doubled Giuliani’s votes.

52% of Republican voters were male.


John McCain won the GOP race in South Carolina with 33%, followed by Huckabee with 30%, Thompson 16%, Romney out of the “medals” in 4th place, with 15%, Paul with 4%, Giuliani with 2%.

McCain got 19 delegates (exceeding the 18 Romney won in NV,) Huckabee got 5 and the rest got none. reports that McCain won with a little more than half the votes he had in 2000, and that the Republican turnout was 100,000 less than it was in 2000. Not exactly what we’d call enthusiasm for candidates.

In 2000 McCain took 237,888 votes in South Carolina. Tonight he has just over half those number of votes with 134,474 as I write this. Republican turnout will be well below where it was in 2000. More than 100,000 votes short. With five Republican primaries, Rudy Giuliani has half the number of votes of Ron Paul.

Got that? The guy the corpstream MSM give all the attention to– Rudy Giuiliani– has accumulated half the votes of Ron Paul. Do you think that will change the amount of coverage Paul will be getting?

The next hot action will be in SC next weekend for the Dem primary, and in Florida on January 29th. The latest poll puts Hillary Clinton far ahead of Obama in Florida. Based on her performance in Nevada, pulling the Latino vote three to one over Obama, Florida is hers to lose.

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