Ron Paul on Russian TV (video)

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‘I want to continue peaceful process with Russia’: Ron Paul 

Ron Paul, 2008 U.S. Republican presidential hopeful, is critical of America’s current policy towards Russia. He commented to RT on his political views.

Added: January 20, 2008


Ron Paul: 2nd Place in Nevada (short video)


4 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Russian TV (video)

  1. Ladybroadoak, who are these scientologists that you speak of? You might want to have a source for that kind of statement.

    The article that you cited talks about a possible hit job on Paul, what does that have to do with your point? I don’t understand. If you read the entire article, it seems to oppose your statements.

  2. Personality cults are not answer to america’s problem. To may of his followers Paul is An Easy Way Out – by just electing him they figure they don’t have to work to uphold the US Constittution and the Supreme Law of the land. The Geneva Conventions ARE Supreme law of the land and Ron Paul does not support impeachment – which is the legal remedy for the excesses of the neocons and the warmongers and those that would ignore international law. He is providing a very toxic cover for the White House, the very thing he is capitalizing on in campaign. He knows that they are war criminals at the White House, yet does NOTHING.

    Ask yourself this: If you were Valerie Plame, dedicated to pursuing the trail of those who WOULD create weapons of mass destruction (her team was following Pakistan’s AQ Khan dealing illegal nukes) .. and the WH illegally and maliciously outted YOU, would you support Ron Paul? I think not!! I thjnk many in the US government and in the military are FURIOUS with Mr./Dr. Ron Paul in light of the behaviour of Republicans in the past seven years — and why is he saying nothing?? Why is HE so “moral” and respectable when he KNOWS that people who outted Plame should be held accountable??

    There are many many problems in America – I pointed out just this one to make my point – this form of institutionalized lack of respect for the rule of law is going to bring America further down. So he can get on a jet and visit Moscow and deal with other capitalists – BIG DEAL. Will he uphold international treaties and laws? Nope. And in that way lies further danger.

    Impeachment now is the only real answer to whatq is ailing america – putting a leash on those who would break the law internationally and domestically and getting back to citizens being interested in this – this is progressivsm.

    The scientologists who run his financial offices are meeting right now to figure out how to break the news to all of you that behind Ron Paul is a big, fat huge billionaire of whom you are all to now pay allegiance. Watch – you’ll see what I mean. I get their emails and monitor what they say to each other. Ron Paul is scientology’s FINEST hour.

    If you want a candidate – if you still think that voting works, that democracy can be “Fixed” with elections and you want to see laws enforced that benefit people, all people, then you must support Dennis Kucinich – there isn’t a CHOICE.

    And notwithstanding Ron Paul’s disclaimers – he knows of Lew Rockwell’s racism and anti gay stances. He just wants to keep on running and get in all that LOVELY money, while protraying himself as the victim of a government scam to rip of HIS gold. They all speak to each other in code and sometimes not, showing what racists they are. They think that they are above the law and don’t have to pay any taxes, not ANYWHERE – the deregulation to the states is a fantasy and they know it. the majority of supporters is trying to avoid responsibility for the welfare of “the commons”.

    Antiwar? I think not. The supporters just want to make money off what they perceive will be newly created industries and wish to control them – vitamins, nutritional products, other green items as there are HUGE profits in it. The Scientologists put this plan together YEARS ago and it’s working!! They pose as “Pro peace” but they really don’t care if people murder each other internationally if they just can make THEIR PROFITS.

    This is republicanISM as its most refined and rarified and anyone who falls for it is severely hoodwinked. Since they know how to control forums and threads they can ensure that no discussion on real substantive points ever takes place. WATCH This phenenoma for yourselves – and under their supposed intelligence and wisedom and enlightenment is this – revenge on all those who don’t want to come along for THEIR ride.

    Check out this url and see if it makes you comfortable. I know what it did to me when I saw it.

    {quote] Dr. No’s people are also doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. They are the people who make this country go. They are computer nerds. Dr. No enjoys a monopoly on the nation’s nerds, because they know he is the only candidate who advocates real freedom, the only one who would keep the internet free. All the others would acquiesce in the conspiracy’s desire to control it.

    The nerds can hack into anything. They have successfully hacked outfits like DOD. If they can get into DOD, they can get into anywhere. You can’t keep them out. They can take your identity and ruin your credit. They can create a lien on your property and a debt of $8 million to I.R.S. They can shut you down. If you whack Dr. Paul, they are going to be mad. You are terrified, as well you should be, about what they might do.

    Even worse, Dr. No has enormous support in the military, certainly more support than any other Republican, even more support than Arizona traitor John McClunk. What does that tell you? Did you happen to know that the .50 caliber rifle has a range of more than a mile? Do you know how far that is? It’s far enough so that by the time you find out where it came from, the sorehead who did it has another name and identity supplied by the nerds and is dancing the tango in Buenos Aires.

    Remember, I’m not the guy you need to worry about. I’m too decrepit to hit a face with a pie. The guy you need to worry about is out there now, watching, stewing. By now, he is legion. [/quote]

    These are the people ACTUALLY behind Ron Paul – think about it!! Billionaires and legitimatized criminals who kill if they don’t get their way – what an alliance.

  3. Holding a set of ideas puts a person on one side or another. Ron Paul’s set of ideas is racist and anti-gay, among other things. If you subscribe to Paul’s ideas, then this puts you on the side opposite of civil and homosexual rights.

    To pass judgment on the man and people like him, I will say that opponents of civil and homosexual rights are not people of good character. They are bigots and their ideas and practices are to be condemned by people with good character.

  4. This interview is solid.

    Ron Paul is a man of good character; he cares about each individual. Yet the Ron Paul Revolution is not a personality cult, because (unlike other campaigns) it is not about whose side you are on, but what ideas you uphold.

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