Neocon Wars: More than just a Ron Paul video/Star Wars parody By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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NEOCON WARS – Hilarious STAR WARS Parody – Starring RON PAUL & NEOCONS

1 hr 41 min 31 sec – Jan 24, 2008

video no longer available


Embrace the Darkside (“Neocon Wars” opening segment)



Neocon Wars

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

The “War on Terror” is a delusional fantasy & they’re laying the groundwork for a “New Cold War” to fill the looming void

By observing how many clicks/comments I don’t get anymore these days I can’t help but assume that there’s plenty of you subscribers who aren’t exactly interested in Ron Paul for whatever reason(s). It should be obvious to anyone remotely paying attention that this NEOCON WARS film is mainly a Ron Paul/Star Wars parody film. But I hope you’ll still give it a chance because its vastly more than a mere ‘campaign film’. Believe me I’ve studied every anti-war/American-Imperialism/War-on-terror/911/Iraq/etc film out there, and this I’m convinced has it all while abolsutely being the most up to date.

Love him or hate him Ron Paul is clearly at the forefront of the ‘anti-war movement’, and here majority of the best anti-war arguments are all chronicled. This includes the War in Iraq, the looming attack on Iran, the looming “New Cold War”, “Nation Building” in general (empire building), American Imperialism, Neoconservatism/Neoliberalism and so on.

At least 40 hours of video was meticulously studied and compacted into the 100 minute final product: NEOCON WARS. Well beyond 24 hours of GOP/DEM debates just for starters. It would really be counter-productive for me to attempt to list everything, but some items are worthwhile in the hopes of inspiring ‘whoever’ to take the time and give this ‘long’ video a chance.

‘9/11 Truthers’ should also find this just as useful as those who focus more on the whole American Imperialism ordeal. I must point out that ‘awakening’ people involves unwrapping onion-like layers of embedded delusional constructs of false notions and pretenses. While seemingly most on each aforementioned front seem to go for the ‘top-down’ approach, I advocate the ‘bottom-up’ approach. For example 9/11 people seem to insist on going straight for (top-down (literally)) WTC controlled demolitions theories, which are very controversial regardless.

The same typically goes for assaulting the Iraq War tragedy head-on. You see there are layers upon layers of ‘attitudes’ of bogus notions in most people minds about how to interpret these realities. In my educated view you must therefore ‘go for the guts’ of these delusional constructs, and it turns out that’s exactly what Ron Paul has been attempting to do.

But it should also be noted that even invoking “American Imperialism” is often a top-down approach. You must first gut out the current manifestation of said imperialism: the “War on Terror”. As showcased in NEOCON WARS, its a complete fantasy perpetrated by the governing Establishment to justify neverending perpetual war.

While Ron Paul and his expert ‘allies’ don’t break it down as such, there are but 2 actual truths regarding the entire thing:
1. We were attacked on 9/11.
2. We do have forces in the Middle Eastern region fighting (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc)

From there lies absolutely no truth, as told by the vast majority of the Establishment Media and the Political Elites. The rabbit-hole begins with WHY we were attacked, and its all downhill from there. The Ron Paul campaign is essentially proving that the masses still believe this notion of they attacked us for OUR freedoms, etc. This fantastical argument lies as the central framework, the threshold of the entire justification of the ongoing War on Terror. It hides the truth of American Imperialism, and justifies de facto genocide via perpetual war against the Islamic World and even the entire Earth. But it gets worse…

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve strayed from my typical DARPA/NASA/Google ‘Terminator’ A.I. focus? Well it turns out that U.S. ‘Militarism’ is the driving force behind all of that noise. Minus Al Gore’s “Global Warming” chicken-little melodrama (justifying ultimately the same systems), it is the head which must be cut off. Now I can’t ascertain that if Ron Paul were elected he’d set out to cut the A.I. et al. programs directly, but he is the best hope of that considering his anti-militarism and ‘tiny’ government tendencies. For those of you who assume that I’m a Ron Paul shill, believe me I have my barrage of iconoclastic contrarian pressure and criticisms already lined up for for when that day comes. I’ve stated before that a Ron Paul presidency is only the beginning in my view, and I’m ready to take on the splinter-throwing that would likely come from my attack-machine that gets aimed on those in charge.

But first things first the War on Terror is the foundation of all of this tyrannical militarism which is leading down the path of hardly-imaginable repercussions on humanity itself. Of course many 9/11 Truther types will point out that 9/11 was the foundational event, but I urge that the first step in de-indoctrinating the masses is an all out assault on the very notion of the War on Terror. I’m convinced that until a person fully understands how absurd the ‘they attacked us for our freedoms’ argument really is, you will be faced with impossible odds of convincing them away from even the Iraqi Occupation, let alone even the most compelling ‘9/11 Conspiracy Theory’.

Now I’ve already been seeing attack pieces on Ron Paul stating FALSE etc about his arguments citing experts such as Michael Sheuer etc, but 9/11 Truthers I hope you’ll recognize that regardless of the truth about who Osama works for or whatever, the motivation that inspired the actual hijackers, as well as the rest of Osama’s minions, is in fact precisely how they describe it: The hatred is because “we” prop up and keep dictators and monarchs in power all throughout the Islamic World. The fact that we’re over there gives terrorist leaders ammunition for their ‘revolutionary’ terrorist propaganda, which serves their purposes of recruiting sympathizers and recruits and so on.

Because of all of this I devoted the most extensive coverage of all of this in the NEOCON WARS film. It’s the ‘centerpiece’ of it all. But for a more boring direct view into this, and for some examples of materials studied for the occasion, try out these:

VIDEO: Conversations with History: Robert A. Pape (“Dying to Win”)

VIDEO: Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror (Fmr. head of the CIA’s “Osama Bin Laden Unit”)

VIDEO: Domestic Democracy or Foreign Imperialism (Blowback)

VIDEO: Educating Rudy Press Conference

PS: I forgot a KEY point above, that when you decimate the entire War on Terror notion and leave it at that, that should in itself lead to the viewer beginning to question EVERYTHING about what’s going on. Then a day or so later you start showing your friend the more controversial 911 stuff they’d normally reject immediately.

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  4. Fantastic bit of work here. I wonder if anyone has footage of the NEO LIARS claiming over and over the US is merely going to liberate Iraq, not occupy Iraq.
    McCain says we can be there 100 years+ that’s a lot of liberation. LMAO

  5. This is AWESOME! Great production, so much footage, and the ‘Imperial’ theme is so right on.

    RP at his best… even I cheered him at those debates!
    That smirk on McCain’s face tho (they always pan to McCain when RP talks about the war) says to me the election is thrown for McCain. Already.
    Hope I’m wrong.

    Great film, thanks for publishing this.

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