A Plea To The Women Of America by Josh Sidman


by Josh Sidman
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Jan. 22, 2008

A Plea To The Women Of America

All right, ladies, you’ve finally got me where you want me – supine, at your mercy, begging…

The fair-minded people of the United States are about to make a tragic mistake, and, for a change, the charge off the cliff is being led by the women, not the men.

We have a chance this year to put the brakes on an out-of-control monster called the United States Government. If there is any bright spot in the experiences of the past 7 years, it is that we saw the worst of ourselves and we have learned something about the consequences of negligence. We were all asleep at the switch in 2000 and 2004, and we are all responsible for the bloody aftermath of those failures.

We are now faced with a Presidential election in which most of the viable Republican candidates remain criminally complicit in their support of Bush’s on-going despotic behavior (Ron Paul being a notable exception) and a two-person Democratic race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton is an unrepentant enabler of the Bush Administration’s murderous foreign policy. She strongly supported the invasion of Iraq. She recently voted to declare the Iranian army a terrorist organization – a prelude to war. She is not a candidate of peace, plain and simple.

Barack Obama is, at least potentially, a candidate of peace. If we choose Clinton over Obama, we will be saying to the world, “You know what, we’re real sorry about all those people we killed, but if you don’t mind, we’re ready to move on now…” We owe the world more than that.

So, my plea is to those women (and men) out there who are planning to vote for Hillary. I’m not telling you who to vote for. I’m just begging you to ask yourselves why you are voting for her. If you’re voting for her because she’s “electable”, you are a dupe of the mainstream media. If you’re voting for her because she is a woman, you are making a terrible mistake.

Women have been horribly mistreated for most of human history. But to make a monumental decision, like the one our country now faces, on the basis of past injuries is to perpetuate a vicious cycle.

A vote for Hillary will, in the long-run, do nothing to further the cause of women’s equality. If anything, it may end up harming it irreparably…


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