Olbermann: It’s The Economy, Stupid! + The American Fray + Clinton Vs Obama Vs Clinton + Bushed! + Worst

Dandelion Salad


Jan. 22, 2008

It’s The Economy, Stupid!

Keith talks with Rachel Maddow.

The American Fray Pt 1

Mud slinging between Clinton & Obama.

The American Fray Pt 2

Keith talks with Howard Fineman.

Clinton Vs Obama Vs Clinton

Keith talks with Craig Crawford.



Screwing Up Prosecutions-Gate


World’s Worst

Worse: Chuck Knoblauch

Worser: Republican Party Committee Of Clark County

Worst: Bill’O! Btw he said it again tonight, go Bill!


SC Democratic Debate 1-21-08

Dream versus Nightmare: Pick One – An Open Letter to Barack Obama by The Other Katherine Harris

Who Won the Debate? “Nobody, I wanted Kucinich” Poll