Why is impeachment important? (vid) + Resolutions to Impeach & End War (music video)

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More at http://therealnews.com/c.php?c=070926YT
Congressman Wexler continues fight for impeachment

Wednesday January 23rd, 2008


Resolutions to Impeach and End War


Our children will read in history books that we were an apathetic nation who allowed terrible injustice to occur. The least we can do is document the heroic efforts being made to stop the current administration.

Added: January 23, 2008

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Kucinich to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Bush on Jan 28 State of Union Day By David M. Herszenhorn + video

Center for Public Integrity documents orchestrated campaign that led to Iraq invasion “under decidedly false pretenses”

Cheney Impeachment Gains Traction in House Judiciary Committee by Prof. Marjorie Cohn




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