Kucinich drops presidential bid by Mark Naymik

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by Mark Naymik
The Plain Dealer
January 24, 2008 15:27PM

Cleveland Congressman Dennis Kucinich is dropping out of the Democratic race for president.

Kucinich will make the announcement Friday at a news conference in Cleveland. In an exclusive interview with Plain Dealer editors and reporters, Kucinich said he will explain his “transition” tomorrow.

“I want to continue to serve in Congress,” he said.

Kucinich said he will not endorse another Democrat in the primary.

Kucinich is seeking a seventh term in Congress, but his long-shot bid for the White House has drawn four Democratic opponents.

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Dennis Kucinich Drops Out Of Presidential Race

The Re-Elect Congressman Kucinich Committee on Jan 25, 2008

In a speech delivered in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio Congressman and Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich delivered an impassioned speech that said, in part:

“I deeply and sincerely believe that we fought the good fight — in large part because of the support from all of you here and from hundreds of thousands of people just like you all across this country. I stood strong because you gave me strength. I spoke out because your voices needed and deserved to be heard. And I told the truth, no matter how unpopular or inconvenient, because, no matter how long it takes, the truth really will set us free.”

Video by Chad Ely.


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http://actblue.com/page/rjones2818cong (donate to Kucinich for Congress)

8 thoughts on “Kucinich drops presidential bid by Mark Naymik

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  2. With this clear voice for the people, for the planet, for equality, for peace, for healthcare minus the profits, for alternative energy silenced from the national forum by the corporate giants, military profiteers, Healthcare profiteers, Pharma pushers, and all around “evil-doers”, we are adrift. None of the standing candidates has any promise of working “For the people”. The answers ring out at each debate, each interview, each press statement. They all tout promises of “Glory” for our nation “Hard work”, “honor” and “the American Spirit”. Okay, rhetoric. Mind numbing rhetoric. Meanwhile, when pressed for answers to todays actual cataclysmic dilemma, they tout their “tough” stances. The best, recent example is when Billary was asked in the debate a few days ago, if she will sllow new coal plants to be built. She snappily, affirmatively replied that she woul unequivocally NEVER allow another coal fired plant to be built….. Unless they used the “latest in Clean-Coal technology”. Clean coal is a new-speak term for “Ever-so-slightly less harmful, cancer causing, ozone-depleting Coal”.

    So, she panders to the insidious coal industry while giving the profit-media the soundbyte, “I will never…” (in relation to coal production)
    It’s all spin.

    The “Big three” Dem candidates (meaning slightly less overt in their adoration of neo-conservative policies) have all pledged that they would aggressively support the ‘ROTC- accessibility’ requirement placed on colleges as a pre-requisite to their receiving federal funding.
    Hillary spun it thusly…
    She stated that “…our veterans needed all the support we could give them…”

    Wait just a minute! Since when are young “potential recruits” Veterans? Am I missing something here? is giving unfettered access to the young minds coming through our universities the same as assisting our Veterans in some way?

    Bamma and Edwards give the same story in differing versions, relying heavily on feel good, patriotic rhetoric wound around minor truths in classic spin cycle style.

    “We must support our troops”. Um, let’s see, how can we spin this? Okay, no child left behind requires all schools to accept roving squads of shanghai artists known as “recruiters” onto our campuses. We don’t let Child molesters within 2,000 feet of a park or school, yet these predatory stalkers have total access and a quiver of tools to spin young minds seeking acceptance, meaning, value into committing their lives to the Government in return for a small college stipend that they wouldn’t have needed if Reagan hadn’t wiped out our college aid programs in the 80’s (in an attempt to make college “more accessible” for our youth).

    Yes, I’m rambling a bit, but it doesn’t stop here. the crimes against the lower class, the populace as a whole, the planet and on and on are staggering. But, on the lighter side,

    Oh, look, it’s Brittney Spears!

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    This incredible, exhausting, profound campaign was the greatest act of political activism in memory. He used the platform of his candidacy to speak the voice of PEACE, JUSTICE and the COMMON GOOD.

    Please send him your profoundest gratitude. He, as well as Mike Gravel, represented the political direction the nation needs to take.

    Dennis will be filing a 90-count indictment against BOTCH. The actions of Congressmen Kucinich in the House of Representatives have been historic, even while undergoing this grueling campaign. We MUST work now to be sure that he retains his seat in Congress, where he will continue to fight from inside the system toward the requisite goals of peace, justice and the rule of law.

    My deepest gratitude to the campaign and its supporters for all your genuine and visionary efforts, which I hope will continue as the struggle to sustain Dennis Kucinich in his 10th district now embarks against the corporate interests trying to unseat him.

    But most extreme gratitude to Dennis Kucinich, and Elizabeth Kucinich, for challenging the system from within, and offering us all a vision of society that opened our hearts to the possibilities of compassion, health, justice and peace on earth.

  5. Thanks, Gary and Bon.

    I’m in shock at the moment, however, I understand that he needs to fight for his congressional seat (unfortunately). His opponents have already been placing TV ads (negative ones, too). I was hoping that at least I could vote for him on Super Tuesday. Of course, his name is on the ballots since they’ve already been printed.

  6. thanks for your service, dennis. we all know you did your best to stand against the corporatist monopoly of the media-industrial complex.

    it’s clear that we only have one candidate left who will end american empire before it, quite literally, ends the world. and, he just so happens to be a friend of dennis’: ron paul.

    then, when you get your wealth and power back, when your constitutional rights and sovereignty are restored, you can fight for universal health care in your home state.

    join with us kucinich supporters. we need your help. ron paul still has a chance. he came in second in nevada, as well as louisiana, he has been beating so-called “top tier” candidates like giuliani, he has more money in the bank than any of them, but he needs more boots on the ground!

    under a paul administration, anything is possible. if you want to have your little socialist enclave, you would be free to organize and cooperate and pool your resources together. that is the beauty of it.

    freedom brings us together.

    we can do this.


  7. Sad, But we know why he had to drop out. He spent too much time and money fighting for the right to be heard in our “free” press.

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