Progressive Shutout: Kucinich Banned, No Real Debate by Glen Ford

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by Glen Ford
BAR executive editor
Wednesday, 23 January 2008

“The Democratic establishment is determined to purge itself of any vestiges of opposition to the ruling corporate order.”

Corporate media has succeeded, once again, in wringing the last drops of progressivism out of the Democratic Party primary process. Three times in succession – in New Hampshire, Nevada, and now South Carolina – the gatekeepers of the American political conversation have slammed the door shut to Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), the only genuine progressive in the race. The field is now left to the squabbling political twins, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – so alike in all things except details of temperament, race and gender they could have been raised since infancy in the same dysfunctional foster home – and former Senator John Edwards, who talks like a born-again progressive but whose actual proposals are variations on Obama/Clinton themes.

Kucinich will, of course, continue his crusade to “reform” his party from within, despite the Democratic establishment’s determination to purge itself of any vestiges of opposition to the ruling corporate order. In this, the party and corporate media are united; neither the other candidates nor the Democratic machinery have said a peep about the repeated, arbitrary exclusion of Kucinich from debates, and the Ohio congressman stands alone in his battle with the Texas party’s requirement that candidates sign a “loyalty oath” in exchange for a place on the ballot. The oath demands candidates promise to support the party’s nominee, no matter what – an impossibility for any moral person, since both likely Democratic winners hold out only the vaguest hopes of a partial withdrawal from Iraq, and both call for a substantially larger U.S. war capability and budget. How can a true anti-war candidate pledge his honor to support policies that will inevitably result in more wars?


h/t: Dennis 4 President

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10 thoughts on “Progressive Shutout: Kucinich Banned, No Real Debate by Glen Ford

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  3. “We all have some money stashed someplace, don’t we?”

    You’ll have to speak for yourself on that one, Katherine. Some of us rely on others for FOOD!

    And yes, we are responsible for where we bank, shop, etc. It’s time for us to choose where we do spend (or save) our money.

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  5. John anticipates and wants the health care system to evolve into single-payer. One of the options is like Medicare and he figures most people will pick it. Leaving them free to stick with other coverage, if they prefer it, is just a way to get the deal done. Those who can’t pay will be subsidized; “mandate” just means nobody’s left out.

    He is NOT for NAFTA or the other stupid trade deals that are killing us. Both Hillary and Barack voted for the latest, and he was appalled.

    He doesn’t take money from lobbyists and/or PACs, only individual donors (and public campaign financing). That’s why he’s operating on so much less than Hillary and Barack. He prefers not to be beholden.

    As for certain votes he cast lonnnng ago, which he heartily repents of, he was a freshman senator then and they have no freedom; they’re led around by the nose, under threat of losing party backing for the next campaign.

    As for impeachment and a 9/11 investigation, he’s in no position to do anything about those, pro or con, not being in Congress at the moment. And I don’t for an instant believe he means to make war on anybody; he wants to get us out of Iraq, as fast as it can be done in orderly fashion.

    He was involved in consulting work for Fortress very briefly (about six months), wanting to see how hedge funds work. Apparently, there are some good people there, who got behind his anti-poverty efforts and donated to his campaign. He’s been very outspoken against anything the firm did that wasn’t in line with his beliefs.

    We all have some money stashed someplace, don’t we? Does that make us responsible for everything that our banks or those who manage our other accounts do?

  6. How is Edwards progressive?

    He voted to authorize the war.
    He voted to fund the occupation of Iraq.
    He also supports occupying Afghanistan.
    He supports the “War On Terror.”
    He opposes impeachment.
    He supports economic sanctions on Iran and possibly even war against them.
    He voted for the USA Patriot Act.
    He opposes Kucinich’s not for profit healthcare system bill HR676 and instead wants to mandate that people buy health insurance.
    Edwards opposes an independent investigation of 911. Kucinich supports an independent investigation of 911.
    Edwards supports keeping NAFTA and staying in the WTO.
    Edwards also takes money from Big Corporations, Kucinich does not.
    Edwards invests his money in Fortress Investment Group hedge fund and made a half million dollars in a year from them for attending some of their meetings.

    Need I go on?

  7. While I don’t agree with barring Dennis Kucinich from debates, I can’t at all agree with your assessment of him as “the only genuine progressive” — when, in fact, there’s very little difference between his views and those of John Edwards.

    A lot of people don’t fully realize this, because the corporate media have sought to trivialize and marginalize both of them. The grillionaires don’t want the progressive message widely heard.

    Really the worst thing about the debates — even worse than their not letting all participate and unfairly allocating time — is that they aren’t being carried by major networks (with only one exception I can think of). This obviously makes it impossible for those who can’t afford premium cable and/or high speed internet to watch anything but sound bites selected by newscasts. Thus, many of the people most likely to favor Kucinich or Edwards don’t ever get the full message, only a distorted version.

    BTW, your characterization of Edwards’ proposals as inspired by the others is ass-backward. His came first, in many cases months ahead, and were adapted by Hillary and Barack. He is the candidate the corporatists most fear FOR A VERY GOOD REASON. They know he’d upset their apple cart.

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