Where have you gone Keith Olbermann? by Davis Fleetwood

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4 thoughts on “Where have you gone Keith Olbermann? by Davis Fleetwood

  1. I’m impressed with your speaking skills. You had the same style as Olbermann. Way to speak up for your thoughts. Impressive!

  2. Thank you so much Davis (and Lo) for putting such eloquent voice to my nose-holding over Olbermannn ever since…


    We still love you Keith, you are a brave, brilliant. unmatchable man, and we will work to weigh the nature of your choice in apparently only this one critical and seemingly hypocritical matter, in order to jive with a future of optional commentary against the system.

    (We KNOW yer not doin’ fer the ego or th’ paychek, RIGHT???)

    I’m gonna credit your soliloquy on NIE night (“pathological liar or Idiot in chief”) as equity against the deficit you showed during the ‘GE obliterates Dennis’ night which, upon historical perspective, we will hope still leaves you substantially in the asset column regarding the causes you espouse.

    (Davis, you are awesome with the hand-work & high kicks, but isn’t that like a rock wall back there? I’d so hate ta see you knock out a knuckle down there~)

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