‘Breakout into Israel’ ahead By Abraham Rabinovich

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By Abraham Rabinovich

25/01/08 “The Australian

Jerusalem — A SENIOR Hamas official warned yesterday that the next breakout from the Gaza Strip could be into Israel, with 500,000 Palestinians attempting to march towards the towns and villages from which they or their parents fled or were expelled 60 years ago.

“This is not an imaginary scenario and many Palestinians would be prepared to sacrifice their lives,” said Ahmed Youssef, political adviser to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya.

Israeli minister Ze’ev Boim said the threat must be taken seriously in light of the successful Hamas breakout into Egyptian territory on Wednesday, adding: “We must learn from what has just happened there.”

Egypt moved last night to end the great Gaza breakout, which had reverberated throughout the region as all sides tried to come to grips with its implications.

Egyptian security forces announced by loudspeaker in towns near the border with the Gaza Strip that it would be closed from 3pm (midnight AEDT), with an unknown number of Palestinians still in Egypt.

Riot police turned water cannon on Palestinians trying to cross into Egypt, despite Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak saying earlier that he would not allow the people of Gaza to starve.

Hamas, riding high on its operational success, sought to parlay it into political gain by seeking Egyptian approval for new border arrangements that would give Hamas for the first time a role in the vital crossing point at Rafah, between Gaza and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

Israeli security officials said Hamas and other militant groups had already exploited the breach in the border wall to send “numerous” armed men into Sinai with the aim of infiltrating into Israel along the long, largely undefended, border between Sinai and Israel.

The Israeli road running the length of the border was yesterday shut to civilian traffic and the army deployed reinforcements in the area.

The officials said the militants were eager to hit back at Israel for heavy casualties in Israeli attacks in recent weeks and that attacks from Sinai were likely to come within the next two weeks.

Israeli civilians on vacation along Sinai’s Red Sea coast were advised to return to Israel for fear Palestinian militants would try to seize them as hostages.

Israeli Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilna’i said yesterday the breakout into Egypt was an opportunity for Israel to rid itself of its responsibility to supply Gaza with electricity and water and to serve as a channel for Gaza’s imports and exports.

“When Gaza is open to the other side we lose responsibility for it,” he said. “We want to disconnect from it.”

Egypt, however, has made it clear it does not want responsibility for the troublesome strip, whose Islamic militants are ideological partners of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. It particularly does not want indirect responsibility for the rockets fired from the strip into Israel.

The crossing point had been closed since Hamas’s seizure of the Gaza Strip last June.
If Mr Mubarak were to allow new border arrangements with Hamas that would permit a free flow of people and goods, it would violate Egypt’s agreement with the international “Quartet” — the US, UN, European Union and Russia — for a border terminal without Hamas involvement and with cameras permitting Israel to monitor the crossing.

However, Mr Mubarak would find it hard, not least for his image in the Arab world, to be seen as party to a renewed siege of the Palestinians.

Israel says it will continue its siege until the rocket firing ceases, with an invasion of Gaza a likelihood if the rocketing does not cease.

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3 thoughts on “‘Breakout into Israel’ ahead By Abraham Rabinovich

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  2. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Gazans hardly have anything left to lose.

    The entire horror of the Mideast is something I would never want to experience nor think about, were it not for the fact that by my tax dollars, I am rendered unwillingly complicit in virtually all the conflict and atrocity of the region.

    For me it’s a horrific blood-soaked piece of desert of no consequence (except for my love of architecture, and the fact that all the great mosques with their great arches and domes, which begat all of the proud tradition of European Romance arches, barrel vaults, groin-vaults, which all had their origins in early mud domed huts of ancient Mesopotamia– pyramids notwithstanding– and I guess people weren’t hip to the Igloos back in those days).

    That piece of desert the zionites are so obsessed with has absolutely no value of any kind, unless you believe scripture, and if you actually believe scripture, may god be with you, I certainly wont!

    While I am an admitted cynic. not so for Ralph Schoenman, who has a lot to say on the past and future of the region, how it got this way and the future path, outlined in this recent radio presentation:

    “The Way Forward for the Palestinian People” (http://takingaimradio.com:80/hhz/index.htm) in which he identifies the inevitable: A democratic, constitutional Palestine, in which the jews are welcome as citizens but have no right to a puppet state of fascist, separatist, apartheid control of the aboriginal inhabitants, nor any absurd idea of a ‘two state solution’ to that area. T

    he state of Israel should legally NOT exist as it does, and has not right to it’s incorporation at the expense of the original inhabitants. But they rendered themselves war-criminals worthy of tribunals at the Hague over what they’ve done while the world winked and nodded.

    I’ve yet to read Schoenman’s book on the real history of Zionism (http://takingaimradio.com:80/hhz/index.htm) but he’s so articulate on the matter I’m sure it’s a page-turner for all those religious maniacs so obsessed with that horrible, hideous, unlivable, atrocity-laden land.

    But as far as the US is concerned, I don’t think people have any clue how much money from our income tax has been spent on supporting zionist atrocity and illegal occupations. It’s far greater than the aid given to the whole of Africa during that time, as millions of Africans starved and died from preventable disease. It’s something like $23k per citizen over the years.

    Here’s a tally as of, I think 1996 (per Shadia):

    Cost to U.S. Taxpayers of U.S.
    Aid to Israel

    Grand Total

    Interest Costs Borne by U.S.

    Total Cost to U.S. Taxpayers

    Total Taxpayer Cost per Israeli

    What a nice savings account that would have been, eh? Instead it was spent in large part to commit atrocities, theft and murder, and to promote a dangerous, terorist nuclear state of trained psychopathic killers—just the sort of thing the USA claims it wants to avoid in the Middle East.

    How’s about letting Israel crumble, or be forced to honor treaties and give up this absurd, undeserved and ill-gotten religious state of trained unconscionable killers? Of course they’ll probably by now nuke all their neighbors if ever really threatened, resulting in horrible obliteration of themselves. But live by the sword, die by the sword—that’s what people get for living their religious fantasies of god, war and resultant greed and oppression.

    Israel and zionists are a fascinating and cynical study in the real truth of human nature: Victim becomes victimizer in hardly a decade, and religion is almost always to blame. Until these psychopaths all give up their ‘god part of the brain’ and actually start thinking for themselves in human terms, they will never, ever learn, and children will die in droves for nothing.

  3. Dandi,
    Desperate people do Desperate things to survive.
    Israel(Leadership) created this, and now complains they can’t control the fruits of their labor.
    The giants defeated by ants.

    The complaint is shooting rockets, who’s shooting rockets ? What is the Difference ?
    Israeli and Palestinian children dead, there crime, Living under Authoritarian Ruler(s), who will not negotiate for Peace.

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