Thank you, Congressman Kucinich + Dennis Kucinich: A Tribute (vids; updated)

I’ll add more as they become available. It’s a very sad time for us who have been strong supporters of his campaign. I’m really grieving right now, I cry watching each of these videos. This is a tremendous personal loss for many of us. Please though do not lose hope. We must keep on working hard for the ideals of Dennis’ campaign locally and statewide. ~ Lo

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Thank you, Congressman Kucinich


Dennis Kucinich: A Tribute


Working Class Hero Kucinich



There goes my hero


This isn’t a video to wow anyone. I just thought the song was appropriate and I’m really saddened that Kucinich has dropped.

Updated: Jan. 26, 2008

Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich drop out


Today is January 24th 2008
A black day in American History
Something died today
Not not the solders in Iraq
Freedom of speech
our Constitution
Something even more precious then all these things
What died today in America was…


The hope that we Americans would be delivered from the evil cabal that has hijacked America.
The evil cabal that planned these Middle East wars.
The evil cabal that planned 911.
That hope is dead now. Dennis Kucinch is out of the 2008 Presidential race
He has been terminated
Without a bloody shot being fired
NBC Universal successively terminated
his presidential campaign by keeping him
out of sight and out of mind during the
Crucial Nevada Democratic presidential debate
Today was a victory for war profiteer General Electric Corporation and it’s subsidiaries NBC universal. Today was a victory for Media Mogul Jeffrey Zucker CEO of NBC

A defeat for Dennis Kucinch and the good people of this once great nation. By excluding Mr. Kucinch form the Nevada Democratic debate they have effectively sabotaged the election of 2008.
The end montage was created by davronru it’s called “Divided States of Embarrassment 2.3” and can be found here:…

Added: January 25, 2008
A Tribute To Elizabeth Kucinich
She would have made the most beautiful first lady the United States has ever had. This is my tribute to her.
Added: February 01, 2008


Kucinich abandons White House bid + photos link + Vows to keep fighting for causes + (vid) (updated)

Kucinich drops presidential bid by Mark Naymik (videos) (updated)

Dennis Kucinich Announces Re-Elect Campaign (video)

Kucinich to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Bush on Jan 28 State of Union Day By David M. Herszenhorn + videos (updated: added transcript and a ‘mash-up’ video: Offending Words)

Progressive Shutout: Kucinich Banned, No Real Debate by Glen FordKucinich-Dennis

Kucinich Quits, but We Don’t! (donate to Kucinich for Congress)

14 thoughts on “Thank you, Congressman Kucinich + Dennis Kucinich: A Tribute (vids; updated)

  1. Dennis has not quit … he has transformed. This is about way more than just this one election. … the truth does matter … Go Dennis Go!

    My vote will not be taking away ,and I will vote Kucinich on Feb. 5th.

    I will also back the Democratic Party nominee, this time around … come Nov. …. I will also think about joining a new party AFTER the elections, when we have years to pull it together and have a real chance to make a difference

    … not just a knee jerk reaction now, that will split the vote and guarantee a Republican win.

    Another Republican? … and you can count this country totally raped, and pillaged. Big/big business, with the ‘profit at any cost’ motto of operation … wins.

    War profiteering not a problem … sweat shops in Asia? … don’t worry about it. No more jobs in America? … eh .. it is a global economy … American workers cost too much.

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  3. Thanks for this. I stood behind Dennis, and will again, because his vision is my vision, his ideals are my ideals, and he, better than anyone else, past or present, represents me. I am so sad now, feeling like there is no hope without him in the race, even if the media refused to acknowledge him for what and who he is, but I hope he remains in public office for as long as possible – we need him there. I need him to continue the good fight. Thank you, Dennis, for all you tried to do. Maybe one day… not yet.


  4. Sirius, interesting comment. A long time ago I would sometimes tape the Leno show with him on the streets asking questions and have my kids watch it, they were like 7 & 9 and could answer the questions that most of the adults hadn’t a clue. Our public education is a farce. Kind of like our “democracy” and our elections. Sad, very sad indeed.

  5. Thanks, Leanne. I edited your comment and posted it on another blog. (See link right above this comment.)

    When the announcement gets posted, I’ll post a blog with the video or a link to the video depending on where it’s posted.

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  7. I like what the woman in the first video had to say about how few Americans know anything about the world they live in. She laments the fact and seems to indulge in self recrimination over this, however my recent research into the work of John Taylor Gatto indicates this dumbing down of America is NOT an accident or to blamed on laziness. No, this dumbing down is a consequence of design.

    Although Gatto quotes the following statement by H.L. Mencken in the American Mercury for April 1924, Gatto cautions us to consider what Mencken is saying is true in spite of Mencken’s being known as a satirist:

    “…the aim of public education is not to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. …Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim… is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is it’s aim in the United States… and that is its aim everywhere else.”

    Periodically, I watch the Jay Leno skit where he takes to the streets and asks random people simple questions about their world. I used to think it was pathetic that few could answer his simple questions correctly. Now, however, I understand it has been planned that way.

    It’s been said that the “problem with people is not what they know, it’s that most of what they know isn’t so.” Plato’s admonition to know thyself seems more and more relevant because most of what we seem to know about ourselves is simply programmed into us.

    Please take a look into Gatto’s work, especially his “Underground History of Education in the United States”.

  8. Very sad. I feel this was one of our last chances for honest government. We now need to try to build our local communities, help the homeless and start caring for each other one by one.

    I will not vote for any of the three stooges for aipac.

  9. Thanks, Treva. So happy to have met you, too. Thanks for the links.

    Tom, I edited your comment as I’ve already posted that video. I will be supporting Mike Gravel.

    Libhomo, thanks for the link. I’ve added it to the post.

  10. I’m very sad to see Dennis drop out, but don’t want to see his Congressional seat in jeopardy.

    *Sigh* I though the good guys always win?

    Sure, corruption, greed and the corporate funded media may have won another presidency to increase their power and wealth.
    Sure, more of our Constitutional rights might be stolen from us and the majority of Americans will continue to be brainwashed by the mainstream media.
    Sure, it’s going to get harder and harder to make ends meet and some of us may lose our jobs or have benefits taken away.
    Sure, we’re probably not going to see any progress in working towards energy independence.
    Sure, we’re probably going to be still in Iraq, Afghanistan..and God, I hope not Iran.

    Well, that’s what we can expect, more of business as usual politics.

    But wait, maybe Dennis’ message has woken up part of America.. more and more of us will stand up together to say to government and their corporate interests we’re not going to put up with it anymore. It may not be in our lifetimes, but we need to keep it going so that maybe our children and grandchildren will be part of what we hope for them.

    ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ -Ghandi
    Watch for Dennis’ press conference today at noon on his transitioning out of the presidential race into the Congressional race full time. I haven’t found where to listen or view it, yet. If someone finds out, please email me. plummom at msn dot com
    Kucinich Calls News Conference for Noon Friday to Discuss Status of Presidential Campaign

    January 24, 2008 5:31 PM EST
    Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has called a news conference for noon on Friday, January 25, at the International Laborers’ Union (Local 310) hall at 3520 Euclid Avenue, to announce plans for “transitioning out of the Democratic Presidential primary race.”

    No further comments will be forthcoming from Kucinich or his Presidential campaign until tomorrow’s news conference.

    Source: Kucinich for President 2008, Inc.
    Here’s some of the crap their running in Cleveland.


    From an article that has comments from Dennis’ competition for the Congressional seat.
    ‘Kucinich has missed 139 votes (11.6 percent) during the current Congress, including key votes on predatory lending and veterans health care, according to a database of congressional votes compiled by’

    Check out the official list.

    Other representatives running for president-
    Duncan Hunter 31.0% 374 votes missed out of 1205
    Tom Tancredo 28.5% 336 votes missed out of 1181
    Ron Paul 28.2% 333 votes missed out of 1181
    Dennis Kucinich 11.5% 139 votes missed out of 1181
    hmm.. The Senate .. who else is running for president??
    John McCain 56.1% 249 votes missed out of 444
    Joseph Biden 39.0% 173 votes missed out of 444
    Barack Obama 37.8% 168 votes missed out of 444
    Christopher Dodd 37.4% 166 votes missed out of 444
    Sam Brownback 30.4% 135 votes missed out of 444
    Hillary Clinton 23.6% 105 votes missed out of 444

    Did I miss anyone in the Congress that was running for president??
    Seems to me Dennis has the best voting record out of all of them.
    Corporations Target Kucinich at Home,
    an Urgent Personal Appeal

    Dennis Kucinich Announces Re-Elect Campaign (video)

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