Kucinich Drops Out & Doesn’t Endorse Anyone (video; Gravel)

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Impeachment Statement by Presidential Candidate Senator Mike Gravel

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One thought on “Kucinich Drops Out & Doesn’t Endorse Anyone (video; Gravel)

  1. I received my absentee ballot (the only way I’ll vote anymore), and to my astonishment, Gravel’s not on it!

    (Biden, Richardson and Kucinich are, however).

    My only problem with good man gravel is that it’s almost like he doesn’t exist, literally! One of the great things about Dennis is he speaks up, and brilliantly (Mike’s first fabulous anti-war rant at the first debate does come to mind, tho if I recall commentator neut had some silly things to say of course).

    But I did appreciate that interview Lo published here where Gravel rates the candidates, which I believe completely (already a good sign, because most of these people are lying thru their teeth at all times about everything) and which scared me shiftless…

    Swanson’s analysis today of Paul v Shillary scared me even more, especially after a feature I heard on WBAI.org about the role of ‘states rights’ (Paul’s big refrain) in the ‘Lynch Law’, where thousands of innocent people were terrorized and tortured and killed by mobs (Now how do Southerners manage to have such a problem with ‘terrorism’ when so many of them turned a blind eye to their terrorists for like a century after slavery? Strange fruit indeed). Bottom line according to Swanson: Billary is absolutely no go. Not that I needed his direction on this particular matter, but I believe him too!

    One thing I’ve noticed the left are fully confused about is this idea that we’ve not had women leaders, and women need a chance. Now I’m a devout feminist (as much as a man can be I suppose), but can’t help remembering Madeline Albright and her wondrous Iraqi sanctions, or what about Maggie Thatcher, not to mention Nancy Pelosi?

    And then the left looks to Obama and his spellbinding but often hollow oratory, and says well what a miracle for amerigaah, a black president. Well Obama is no Jessie Jackson, whom I did vote for (despite the ‘gutter religion’ thing), and we have had black americans in high places like Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice.

    SO that’s the last I’ll say about all that. Except that in the end, all people can be evil, and are generally more likely evil than not, tho women probably less so due to the lack of what Helen Caldicott terms “testosterone poisoning”, as well as the nurturing empathy endemic to motherhood.

    So, once again it’s splitting hairs about the lesser of evils, the least warlike warmonger, and I don’t know if my eyes are good enough any more to split hairs. I really don’t know where to go with this primary ballot which lacks a Gravel box. I’ve gone from absolutely thrilled and deeply inspired Kucinich supporter, to completely clueless, unable to sign on with any of these candidates. Maybe it’s time for a ballot-burning ceremony.

    I would vote Green, but because special K was a dem, I failed to re-register as a Green for the NY primary. But Cynthia McKinney is a good soul and a wonderful mind, and should be back in government.

    Help! Is the least repugnant one left Edwards? For a roster that started out looking so grand, what’s left is as bad as ever.

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