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01/25/2008 23:36:51

Here in Alaska earlier today Ron Paul was interviewed on news radio AM 750 KFQD, this morning between 10:05 and 10:25 am. I called in and — as the very first question put to Ron Paul during the broadcast — asked him: “Dr. Paul, Congressman Dennis Kucinich just announced he is dropping out of the presidential contest, so you will be the lone candidate remaining in the race who is not corporately funded. On Feb. 5th here in Alaska all those people who were intending to caucus for Kucinich would like to still be able to caucus for a candidate who is not corporately funded, upholds the constitution, and opposes oil wars. You and congressmen Kucinich agree on many significant issues. So, my question is, in a Ron Paul presidential administration would an invitation be extended to Dennis Kucinich for him to fill a cabinet level position?”


I just listened to the KFQD podcast and transcribed exactly that which Ron Paul said in reply to my question as to whether a cabinet-level position would be offered to Dennis Kucinich in a Ron Paul administration. Ron Paul said:”Yes, it would be. But, it would be, and, more in the foreign policy area than it would be, say, on economic issues. We’re good friends and we agree a lot – and we agree a lot even on the compromises. Because some of the economic and social programs we have here at home right on the top of my list, I also think we shouldn’t strike them before we strike the spending overseas. But he would be somebody that I would look to especially on foreign policy – and he’s good on civil liberties, too, you know, on personal liberties and privacy. So, there would be a lot of room to use somebody like Dennis.”

Source and link to podcast:
KFQD In The Morning Hour 1, nine minutes into the program.

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25 thoughts on “Ron Paul Would Consider Kucinich in Cabinet Post by AlaskaSteven (link)

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  3. Clarity is one of the many things I love about this site (chemtrail fogs notwithstanding, lol, love ya lo!).

    It was indeed only the AUSTIN chapter, not the whole national But it’s all ole news, an ancient argument by now. RP says he doesn’t think that way (anymore, supposedly, but then he doesn’t support impeachment anymore either… last jab I promise!).
    So I’m gonna take his word for it, (for now, but VERY thin ice there Tex!).

    Scott Ritter said we have to put our differences aside, that anti-war is the overwhelmingly important, unifying factor. He’s not always right, but mostly, so maybe I’ll believe Sarge Scott on that, he certainly deserves some good faith, all killing aside).

    Global warring really is more pressing than global warming, much as I hate to admit something yet worse exists in the minds of men… (and thanks to Lo for publishing that crucial revelation~~ Link, maestro, perchance?).

  4. I don’t understand the supposed racist label that Ron Paul is getting. Racism is a collectivist idea. He’s essentially libertarian. Libertarianism opposes all collectivist ideals. That means race becomes a void idea. It’s a non issue.

    And doesn’t the president of the NAACP support Ron Paul?

  5. Dennis is so diplomatic and convincing in that film, how could he not have been elected??

    No doubt he would not agree with me.
    And yes I am an extremely bitter Kucinich fan with huge sour grapes, and it made absolutely no sense to me why Kucinich didn’t carry the votes and activism of paulbot-nation.

    The country faced an emergency, impeachment was forced on the table, Paul bailed. Paul could have thrown his support behind the cause. That to me was the minimum for any lawmaker of integrity. If he had integrity, he would have risked all to promote impeachment, and his weight could have done MUCH for the cause–

    (can you imagine all those annoying paulbots spamming all the forums with paulist slogans saying IMPEACH NOW instead?)

    And because of that horrific gaff, I started looking. A paulcinich morpholution is certainly better than neither of either, but what I found out about ameriguns when I started looking into apostle paul left me with:

    1: Stay away from texas, period.
    2: Stay away from all states with mountains and militias, and all red states in general.
    3: Definitely ask RP a bit more about his environmental policies and all the other known dirt that Dennis never came with.

    But that’s my take, and I don’t preach nor proselytize, I only rant, rail and kvetch~

  6. There will not be any cabinet for Kucinich to be in because Ron Paul is NOT going to be elected to anything. Kucinich will be damn lucky if he gets re-elected to his House seat.
    Now if they were both in a closet as opposed to a cabinet , they could place their respective tin-foil hats in there when they removed them.

    They are both looney’s!


  7. Kucinich would never support Ron Paul. White Supremacy, anti-choice anti-gay politics and an utter lack of compassion on health care would never appeal to a real liberal like Dennis.

    Michael, actually all Andrew said was that Ron’s campaign has gone a long way bringing white supremacy and related extremism into the mainstream. He’s right. He said nothing about Ron’s supporters. Many of Ron’s supporters have no idea about his affiliation, and others who dismiss it as “bias” and refuse to look deeper.

  8. I really like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. They are the only two candidates who seem unbeholden to the establishment.

    I’ve written articles supportive of both men. They are the only two courageous enough to speak some real truth to America.

    Dennis had a tough decision to make in leaving the race. He did it with the grace and dignity that are his trademark. I’m sorry to see his voice leave.

    However, I’m glad we still have Ron Paul in the race to carry on the fight. I hope next January we still have the luxury of having the Paul/Kucinich arguments.

    We have so much more to gain by seeing our common interests.

    I’m running a poll on my blog this weekend asking who is the most positive candidate remaining in the race and why.

    Feel free to surf on over and leave your comment.

  9. Please follow this link to see a two minute forty second video clip from a Free Minds TV interview of Dennis Kucinich speaking on Ron Paul, similar yet different from the audio statement via Sabrina Eaton.

    I find it much more compelling to see Dennis Kucinich’s body language and facial expressions as well as hear his words as he makes plain his high regard for Ron Paul …and does not have much good to say about the Dems who voted to continue the war, time and again, through reauthorising ruinous military budgets.

    Kucinich considers GOP Ron Paul as his running mate by Sabrina Eaton (videos) (updated)

  10. Dennis is not endorsing any of the Democrats, as far as I have heard. Yet, please do take a moment to listen to him here in this minute-and-a-half or two-minute YouTube clip where he lays out a totally rational argument in favor of Ron Paul.

    Kucinich considers GOP Ron Paul as his running mate by Sabrina Eaton (videos) (updated)

    I just have too much respect for Dennis Kucinich to think he would be so totally and completely wrong if Ron Paul is indeed actually the antichrist rather poorly disguised as a medical doctor turned congressman from somewhere in benighted Texas. Kucinich is a very, very, smart man -as is his wife and best friend, Elizabeth, and as are many of those around them and on their congressional staff. So they are all dead wrong–having actually worked side by side with Ron Paul on a daily basis for year after year and knowing him personally–and yet from afar we somehow know better (based largely on noxious statements Ron Paul says were authored by someone else and then falsely attributed to him)? Maybe, possibly, but it seems more like a knee-jerk reflex against Libertarians or Texans or somesuch rather than a thoughtful and reflective consideration of the matter, to me.

    Perhaps, after Dennis has defended his seat in the House in the March election back home in Ohio and after Ron Paul has been dissed and excluded from the RNC process, then they will both break with the Demublican-Republicrat Party (owned as it is by corporations which donate to both wings) and run together for genuine change on an Independent ticket.

    I am not filled with joy at the thought of registering as a Republican and caucusing for Ron Paul here in Alaska, yet if it will get him a few delegates at the RNC so he can speak his mind on national TV before they boot him out of the process altogether, then at least I would not be wasting my caucus vote 05FEB on someone else who (based on actual actions and votes since the Dems took control of congress) is just committed to maintaining the status quo instead of lopping the head off of the military industrial complex and enacting genuine systemic change so broad as to be revolutionary.

    Dennis Kucinich’s advice to the home team, as I hear him say it in this YouTube clip, is to keep an open mind and some positive regard for Ron Paul. I do not hear him saying that about any of the corporate Democrat candidates.

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  12. I find it interesting to see how much animosity there is toward Ron Paul from many Kucinich & Gravel supporters. I was in a Gravel chat room for one his “alternative debates”, when he’d been locked out of real one. Some RP supporters came by to show their support, and the Gravel camp heckled them right out of the room, Nature Boy-style, ranting about guns & god & gay marriage.

    It surprised me, because I had assumed anyone who bothered to support Gravel had already done the hard work of reading between the lines. But nope–they just didn’t get it. They still needed the arbitrary boundaries that distinguish corporate Dems from corporate Repubs. Sad.

  13. Natureboy said: “I don’t really see how you pair an outspoken, balanced, sane, intelligent, intellectual progressive representative of the working people like Dennis with an anti-intellectual, paranoid, xenophobic, gun/goon lovin’ strict regressive like RP in any office or ticket.”

    Put ’em in a blender, and I have my ticket!

    Paul/Kucinich 2008!

  14. There remains a question: If RP and congressmen Kucinich agree on many significant issues, why did RP get so much activist support?

    RP has good points about wars, but all his other positions border on xenophobic extremist fanaticism (of course not remotely as deranged as Hucklenut, mitt or McBombiran…)

    If RP people can fracture the Rethugs and stop mcbomb, if not at the primaries then in an independent challenge in the general, that would be a valuable service to the world (which is what I care about by now more than amerigoonz at this point).

    But somehow it doesn’t seem that Paul supporters are drawn from the ranks of rethugs. His issue of ‘state’s rights’ appeals to racists who want the right to lynch people under the lynch law, and to reverse the civil rights act on a per-state basis (whether he’s still publicly proud of racists or not these days). It’s a bit far-fetched, but then racists are always a bout as far-fetched as they come.

    But perhaps more plausible, paul appeals to anti-environmentalist private and business interests who want no restrictions on their right to log, mine, and kill anything it sees a dime of profit in, regardless of consequences.

    His gun-totin’ mania appeals to fanatical militias itchin’ ta kill anything that doesn’t live in their mountain cave, as well as the bizarre, bloodthirsty cult of nugent-style bloodthirsty animal-shafting fat white holler-dwellin’ punks.

    His anti-science simpletonism (evolution is a ‘theory’ he doesn’t ‘buy’, global warming is a conspiracy cooked up by Gore to sell T-shirts) appeals to a sort of cultist Klan of irrational anti-intellectual debunkers.

    His stance on the ‘immigration invasion’ and the farce of arbitrary imaginary borders slicing the landmass preserving ill-gotton wealth for one side and permanent poverty at the point of an amerigoon gun on the other, appeals to Dobbs-style elitist xenophobes fixated on some irrational fabricated threat of hordes of Spanish-speakers as if they were an exotic species threatening the existence of an endemic population planted by god here in the USA.

    Are these people all really reGOPtiles?

    The RP NO-LOVElution proves that even grass-roots ‘alternative’ amerigaah is a VERY scary place. The true political progressive counterculture seems to be a nostalgic moment spliced together on MTV flash-back montages played over Hendrix remixes, a movement people like Paul as lapdog to raygun purposefully dismantled within seasons of it’s inception.

    But if he’s the conservative ‘alternative’ to the incredibly more scarier fundy dispensationalists represented by huck, then really, people, your amerigun culture is too far gone to be helped.

    If only americon craziness didn’t have profound impacts for the safety of the world at large, it wouldn’t matter so much, one could wait out the raygun generation as they rot in their casinos and cults of greed & god, and bide time till the sun someday shines across this land again.

    There are, after all worse cultures with more inbred hatreds and arrogance, just go to germany, land of ancient teutonic wagnerian ethnic arrogance (but fortunately for the modern world they were disarmed, unlike the USA, and there is no force on earth capable of doing the same for the extremely dangerous hair-trigger doomsday US war machine).

    I don’t really see how you pair an outspoken, balanced, sane, intelligent, intellectual progressive representative of the working people like Dennis with an anti-intellectual, paranoid, xenophobic, gun/goon lovin’ strict regressive like RP in any office or ticket.

    But if by some frankenstinian mutation you can build a political creature that can in any way counter this nation’s pandemic diseased, anti-intelligent bloodlust for greed, gambling, god and war, more power to ya.

    Just please keep McBombthearabs away from that button… All amerigoons can at least agree that we don’t want nuclear war, or is that secretly what this insane national cult craves? Or maybe amerigun life’s just a videogameboy after all.

  15. But this year he did not tell his supporters to go to any other candidate. In fact, he refused to sign an oath to support the Democratic nominee in the state of TX, and in not doing so was eliminated from the ballot. He stated that he would not support any candidate who would be pro war.

    In the Iowa caucus the idea was he didn’t want Hillary to get any extra votes. Caucuses are much different than primary elections. Have you been to any?

  16. I see some jealous Kucinich supporter Ron-Paul-Haters are still hatin’.

    Whatever. DK in 2004 told his supporters to vote for Edwars in iowa, and then did the same telling them to vote for John Kerry at the convention. Then, again in 2008, he told his supporters to vote for Obama in Iowa.

  17. poor debate performance?

    he was only given a quarter of the time to speak, compared to the other candidates.

    and, andrew, you can keep it up all you want, but the fact is ron paul and the movement that has sprung up around him is the only coalition that has *any* chance of ending american empire and restoring the constitution before we all go bankrupt.

    i really don’t see any point in what you are doing, it seems like a self-defeating, narcissistic, even nihilistic project. shouldn’t you spend your time smearing the corporate candidates? there are plenty to go around.

    we don’t agree on free market economics…that’s fine…but we all agree that we are losing our civil liberties and our wealth is being squandered overseas. so let’s get it all back and then decide what to do from there.


  18. Good job Andrew, way to making an ignorant, sweeping generalization about everyone who supports Ron Paul. I support him not b/c I’m a racist or a nationalist in any way. I want our country to stop its global domination project, and all the accompanying evils.

    His campaign has been so popular and well funded b/c he has stressed non-intervention militarily abroad and an end to the government leviathan controlling all aspects of society, not b/c hordes of racists hope to get a racist president.

  19. Ron Paul isn’t going to win nor is he even trying given his poor debate performance in the last debate.

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