SC Democratic Primary Results 01.26.08

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South Carolina Democratic Primary Results

Candidate Votes %
Barack Obama 295,091 55%
Hillary Clinton 141,128 27%
John Edwards 93,552 18%
Bill Richardson 725 0%
Joe Biden 693 0%
Dennis Kucinich 551 0%
Chris Dodd 247 0%
Mike Gravel 240 0%
Key: Red Checkmark Winner
Precincts: 99% | Updated: 5:25 AM ET | Source: AP

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7 thoughts on “SC Democratic Primary Results 01.26.08

  1. That’s an embarassment that all the candidates who have dropped out of the race are still getting more votes than Mike Gravel who’s still in the race.

  2. No problem, CarolAnn, my former husband is the director of elections for my county. Election stuff rubbed off on me over the years, plus I’ve worked various election and/or voter registration jobs, both paid and as a volunteer.

  3. Explanation taken and accepted. I am just so skeptical these days about any of these elections, no thanks to bad politics of the past. Appreciate your words of wisdom. 🙂

  4. CarolAnn, the ballots have to be printed up several weeks before the elections take place for overseas voters and absentee ballots to be mailed out. The county is responsible for running the elections so any extra names from withdrawn candidates would be on both the Rep and Dem ballots depending on the date of the withdrawal.

  5. I do have one comment — when I went to vote in the primary, all of the candidates names were listed, including those who had dropped out LONG BEFORE any primary was held (i.e., Joe Biden, Richardson, Dodd, etc.) and I am wondering whether or not candidates who had dropped out from the republican primary were listed on the primary voting machines as well? Seems that this was an added distraction to the democratic primary vote, no?

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