USA Today excludes Ron Paul (video)

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We are currently being misled by Big Media in a concerted effort to manipulate the public into a pro-war agenda. Voices of decent are being systematically removed from the debate.


USA Today article:…

Ron Paul pummeling Giuliani:…

Stop Big Media:

Real reporting on Ron Paul:…

USA Today as “anti-war, anti-establishment”:……

Must see documentary featuring FOX News and the Florida reporters case:

The Corporation (must-see video)

My own video on Media Consolidation and the same case of FOX petitioning to lie legally:
Why The News Media Lies – And How We Can Stop It (video)

Fight the good fight,

Erik aka erkd1


Why The News Media Lies – And How We Can Stop It (video)

The Corporation (must-see video)

Ron Paul Would Consider Kucinich in Cabinet Post by AlaskaSteven (link)


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