Dead For Lies by Cindy Sheehan

The Real Cindy Sheehan

by Cindy Sheehan
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Jan. 27, 2008

Once, before I camped out in Crawford, Tx, I was speaking at a venue in DC and I called George Bush a “lying bastard.” This was in May 2005; right after we discovered the revelations of the Downing Street Minutes which we believed was the smoking gun that would bring down BushCo in short order.

We held hearings in June of 2005 that Congressman John Conyers convened (in a crowded basement room in the Capitol) that exposed the deceit of the “yellow cake uranium from Niger” lie and the fact that Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby made many trips to the CIA offices to “cherry-pick” intelligence. Along with myself, Ambassador Joe Wilson, and ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern: Constitutional Attorney John Bonifaz wrapped up the panel to explain how and why the criminal Bush regime should be impeached and imprisoned.

Since then, I have been hailed or condemned for my strong language and told that if I “framed” my language better, I could be more effective. On the other hand, some people have told me to not dare temper my language because what our government is doing to people is so heinous that someone needs to strongly speak out against it. Now something has again surfaced that alternately angers and sorrows me.

A recent report found that BushCo told 935 lies in the two-year run-up to the war! We all know they lied, and frankly, I am surprised that the number is only 935, but it was an apparently exhaustive study by two media analysis groups.

Calling the President of the USA a “lying bastard” may, on the face of things, seem disrespectful, but there are two definitions of the word that seem appropriate to BushCo: 1) something of illegitimate or dubious origin (stolen elections) or 2) someone mean or nasty.

After nearly four years of living with the horrible knowledge that my son was killed in Iraq for the lies of the lying bastards of the Bush regime, I still mourn him and miss him with all my heart and soul and I don’t know if I will ever be able to go through a day without being reminded that he should be alive and well and home with his family. Presidential daughter Jenna Bush will be getting married soon and I can’t help but feel that Casey should have been able to have the same opportunity to get married and have his own children and future.

We cannot place the blame solely at the foot of BushCo, though. We have two Senators vying for their party’s presidential nomination who are nothing but spoiled Demo-Brats who snipe and bicker at each other instead of calling for the immediate removal of our troops from Iraq and the ouster of the liars who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the tragic creation of millions of broken hearts (when we buried Casey, I discovered that the term is not just a figure of speech).

We have a Speaker of the House who has taken impeachment “off the table” and refuses to even consider doing her job because impeachment would be too “divisive” when so many families have been physically, emotionally, and politically divided by Republican and Democratic war crimes and support of war crimes.

It is imperative that BushCo be impeached for past, present and future high crimes and misdemeanors. They have not only lied about the reasons for invading and occupying Iraq, but they have used their war of terror to redefine and lie about torture and commit unspeakable crimes against humanity.

Accountability should not be a politically partisan issue. No one should be above the law in a democracy and this is not a game of power plays or revenge for a past impeachment for lying about oral sex in the oval office.

We know they lied and now we must demand hearings from our dysfunctional employees in DC to find out why they lied so we can prevent it from ever happening again.

What’s more obscene? The word “bastard” or the travesty and tragedy of wars based on so many lies told by so many liars?

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5 thoughts on “Dead For Lies by Cindy Sheehan

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  4. Right On Cindy!

    I like your framing of ‘language’ FAR better.
    I believe there is a vast problem on this pacifist left, where by definition they are way too nice and diplomatic.

    The entire vast swath of red-state believers are run by the likes of Billo, coultergeist, limbaugh, et. al.
    And when they’re not listening to that it’s been Robertson & Swaggart, and now the upper-right side gets Kristal.

    Now when were any of those guys “NICE”?
    But effective?? On steroids. Like wildfire. Permanently addicting the heartland to the overwhelming psychological crutch of greed, god and apparently gore (but not, unfortunately, Gore~).

    I see the left’s inability to counter the rhetoric of redstates with anything less than the AM shock-jock language these ghoulish red-stators are trained to abide, as more of the same complicity (Or laziness??).

    I too get that ‘re-frame your position and you’ll be more effective’ bush-whipped bunk all the time, and all I can say is look at where the obedient pleasantries of the elected ‘left’ got us? 3 steps backward and not a half-step of progress.

    I say keep on saying it like you say it, and have said it all along. You’ve been the only voice of reality and reason embodied in a language and personality powered by passions that can possibly be heard by the brain-dead believer set.

    More power to you! Even if they make you redact statements on the floor of the house, it still goes out on C-Span (for now), and it’s not gonna be lost to OUR record.

    These are times, to quote my heroine, to have long since made the choice to “get off the friggin’ fence”.

    By now we finally have either gone on record vehemently dissenting this war, or we have forever become complicit in warcrimes and illegal and immoral, criminal militaristic atrocity. Those who wavered for half a decade? Your die is cast.

    The greater the volume and the sharper the rhetoric the better. The neocons may be thanking their lucky stars for this fluttering of markets (it’s like they planted it to distract from the war), but nothing has changed in the Mideast. 100 people died in Iraq from war this month. The war was conducted under a news blackout from the beginning, and this wall-stree greed-week of worries was more of the same.

    Cindy Sheehan is my my personal Heroine~

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