Arrest warrants being issued by states for Bush by ladybroadoak

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by ladybroadoak
January 27, 2008 at 23:19:42

Suddenly appearing on Crooks and Liars is THIS which you will see below.

Not a joke, I’ve seen this online AND I’ve seen a case filed by Mormons for his arrest filed in California for WAR CRIMES.

[about bloody time. The KILLING MUST STOP and the torture goes with it.]

I will follow this up with a lot more information later.

And without further ado, the crooks and liars post. Believe me this is true, I have been following developments for several weeks as the solution was found.

Multiple states are discussing issuing arrest warrants for the President of the United States. This has been well thought out, is connected with well grounded legal theory, and is consistent with the duty of Americans to defend the US Constitution from domestic enemies. Congressional inaction on impeachment does not oblige We the People to remain silent or do nothing about alleged war crimes and the President’s alleged criminal conduct.

Congress and the State leadership have failed to fully assert their oath to defend the US Constitution from domestic enemies. We the People may open discussions of issuing lawful arrest warrants not just against the President, but also those allegedly who have refused to fully assert their oath: Members of Congress, State representatives, and attorneys across the nation.

Power Retained By We the People: Vermont, Mass, and Kentucky discussing arrest warrants for President, consistent with the 10th Amendment. GMD The Constitution does not narrowly prohibit only Congress to take legal action. The Constitution only delegates the impeachment power of investigation/removal to the House and Senate. Rather, the power to arrest a sitting President is one that is retained by We the People, via the 10th Amendment.

Take action — click here to contact your local newspaper or congress people:

We demand that Bush be arrested! Please cover this story!

Click here to see the most recent messages sent to congressional reps and local newspapers


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  1. Unfortunately, the next president will probably give Bush and his accomplices pardons for their crimes unless by some miracle we end up with a third party president like Cynthia Mckinney.

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