The murdering of the Kucinich campaign By Jack Balkwill

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By Jack Balkwill
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Jan 28, 2008, 00:48

The Dennis Kucinich campaign was destroyed by the corporate media for trying to represent the public interest.

At the start of his campaign, corporate media did not cover Kucinich because he refused to take the bribes. The transnational investors who own corporate media, or represent its interests on corporate boards, or advertise in it for control, do not trust anyone to be president who does not take the bribes.

So at the start of our modern presidential campaigns, all of the talk is about who raised the most cash from transnational investors who don’t give a damn about this country or its people.

Next, corporate media cited the lack of campaign funding for Kucinich as the reason they did not cover him. “Hillary has more money from the nuclear mafia and Medical industrial complex than any other candidate” they recognized, “so we have to give her tens of millions of dollars of free coverage.” Same for all of the corporate CEOs; Clinton, Edwards, Obama.

All that free publicity for the CEOs moved their polling numbers up until, voila, corporate media could exclude Kucinich because he was not as well known. Finally, they simply refused to let him into the debates.

When Kucinich was allowed into debates and got brief chances to speak, the audiences went wild. It was a rare time when a candidate spoke to their issues, the public interest. This forced other Democrats to move toward Kucinich positions, at least in rhetoric, to win audience share.




h/t: After Downing Street

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6 thoughts on “The murdering of the Kucinich campaign By Jack Balkwill

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  2. For many people, the necklacing of Kucinich in the media was an eye-opening event. But this is just looking at the tip of the iceberg. There are countless issues and news items that are being suppressed by Big Media everyday. One only has to look to the U.K. media, and the current scandal regarding the selling of nuclear secrets to Islamic countries by high U.S. officials (the latest Sibel Edmonds saga), to see that there is massive collusion between the mainstream media and the government to suppress news that is “dangerous”; as Dennis Kucinich’s message was deemed.

    When a nation loses its free press, it cannot call itself “free” any more. There can be no excusing it, no self-justification of journalists here. You, working in mainstream media, are complicit. We would urge any of you who know of suppression and collusion to come forward NOW.

    Place your careers in jeopardy… Yes that is true. But in reward you may see many others join, and soon it may be possible to rid the nation of this plague. You will be hailed as heroes and true patriots, and when the truth is all told, those who cowered in fear will wish they also had joined; because their credibility, their self-respect, and their careers will then be history.

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  4. I do not understand how the media can get away with excluding candidates, and why there is not more outrage about this.

    Ron Paul, who has raised a ridiculous amount of money gets very little coverage. The media definitely has an agenda.

    Whatever happened to the ‘equal time’ rule? I guess that got thrown out when the FCC rules were changed.

    The media is NOT helping us. Good thing we have the internet!

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