End the Illegal Israeli Siege of Gaza – Empty Walls (video)

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January 29, 2008

End the Illegal Israeli Siege of Gaza – Empty Walls

On January 23rd, Gazans flooded into Egypt on the sixth day of the illegal Israeli blockade through holes blown by at least 15 explosions along the border wall separating occupied Gaza and Egypt.

Unguided Qassam rockets fired by Palestinian militants, in response to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, have only killed around a dozen people since 2001, yet the Zionist regime states that these homemade rockets are enough of a threat to declare the entire occupied territory of Gaza a “hostile entity”. Israel has cut off vital water supplies, fuel, and electricity to Palestinian civilians. This constitutes collective punishment, which is in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions.

By declaring Gaza a “hostile entity”, Israel intends to create the same loophole that the Bush administration created by declaring detainees “illegal enemy combatants”. Under this new definition, the Jewish state can argue that international law no longer applies to any of the 1.5 million inhabitants there. This is Gitmo on a much larger scale (sans the food, healthcare, and desire to keep you alive). Gaza has been fully transformed from a giant prison into a concentration camp, where the mistreatment, starvation, and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians are the expressed directives of the Jewish state.

It should also be noted that the so-called “peace talks” between Olmert, Bush, and Abbas have excluded the democratically elected Hamas government. These talks have only renewed the ties between Israel and its puppet Fatah government. The occupied territories were taken by war, which means they must be returned under international law. The point of these “peace talks” is only to sidestep international consensus by pressuring the weaker side to release Israel of more and more of its obligations under international law. Israeli apologists will often talk of how “generous” Israel has been during such talks, but only in relation to the few unreasonable demands it’s willing to give up, and not in relation to what it is actually entitled to under international law.

The Palestinians are powerless, and rely on us for their survival. We’re the ones with the power to force Israel to adhere to international law. Any blockade, no matter how relaxed Israel claims, is far too inhumane to impose on a people already living under occupation, apartheid, and systematic ethnic cleaning. This is true terrorism, and our government makes it possible. Americans cannot in good conscience support any politician who supports Israel without condition.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: (202) 225-0100
The House of Representatives: 1-800-828-0498
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