Olbermann: SOTU + The Florida Factor + Worst + Bushed!

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Jan. 28, 2008

The State Of The Union

Keith talks with David Gregory.

The Florida Factor

Keith talks with Chuck Todd.

World’s Worst

Worse: Karl Rove, Choate Rosemary Hall.

Worser: Glenn Beck

Worst: Mary Kathryn Ham


Freedom Of Information Isn’t Free-Gate




Bush’s Final State of the Union Speech 01.28.08 (video; transcript)

7 thoughts on “Olbermann: SOTU + The Florida Factor + Worst + Bushed!

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  5. James, welcome to Amerika. The corporate media successfully eliminated Kucinich. And they are working at removing him from Congress next. Meanwhile, we the people do nothing, except watch TV taking it all in like we are robots being fed our instructions. Sad.

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  7. After taking my TV out in the yard and shooting it, I Plugged it in and waited till the 3 stooges were in the picture, I sat down and watched a real analogy on your site. And after learning that Rudy was on his way out, I asked myself again, why the media keeps saying that none of the Republicans are true Conservatives. Well if they would just give Ron Paul a listen and actually check out his platform they would find one. Has there in past History ever been a case where a Presidential Canidate has been censored so blaintly. it boggles the mind its so corupt.

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