Dennis Kucinich’s Final Presidential Message To Us All (video)

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The murdering of the Kucinich campaign By Jack Balkwill

State of the Union Reaction from Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) (vid link)

Ron Paul Would Consider Kucinich in Cabinet Post by AlaskaSteven (link)

Kucinich abandons White House bid + photos link + Vows to keep fighting for causes + (vid) (updated)

Dennis Kucinich Announces Re-Elect Campaign (video)


Thank you, Congressman Kucinich + Dennis Kucinich: A Tribute (vids; updated)

Kucinich Quits, but We Don’t! (donate to Kucinich for Congress)

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  3. I have contributed, but will do so again. Thanks for the message. He is true blue and I wish him all the blessings of Love there are.

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