Kucinich Campaign Update 1 29 08 “All for One…” (video)

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Episode 17 “ALL for One”

This is a Special Tribute edition of this 17 installment program documenting the valiant drive to set America back on track by it’s Leading Progressive Pundit, Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

The Kucinich for President Campaign shifts gears into the Kucinich for Congress campaign for Ohio’s 10th District, as the candidate faces a nearly industry-wide media black out and heavily funded attacks on his hometown Congressional Seat.

This culminating episode of the pioneering campaign video series, “The Kucinich Campaign Weekly Update” includes many interviews and video segments spanning this past several months of the Dennis Kucinich for President, 2008 campaign effort.

Watch this final episode and hear the Congressman’s message to his passionate voter base about his new efforts to change the course of the nation.

In this report are clips from several engaging talks with progressive Luminaries like Gore Vidal, Melissa Etheridge, Michael Franti, James Cromwell, Alexandra Paul, Frances Fisher Bree Walker and many others.

As a special feature, this episode includes a racy, never-aired commercial for Kucinich’s Presidential bout, titled “The Race is On!”, that was created by the show’s Producers shortly before the wind down in this presidential run.

You’ll laugh when you see our Blooper-Reel and Cheer along with the crowd as you hear Dennis in some of his most impassioned public moments.

(Exclusive comments from award winning actors from Films and Television shows such as “24”, “Babe”, “L.A. Confidential”, Spiderman 3″, “I Robot”, “Six Feet Under”, west Wing”, ” In the Valley of Elah”, “The Kingdom”, “Boston Legal”, “Hidalgo”, “A History of Violence”, “Melrose Place” and “Baywatch”)

Series created by
Chad Ely

Produced in Cleveland, Ohio
and Los Angeles, California

Kucinich for President 2008

Produced by
Chad Ely, Dutch Merrick,James Legoy,
and Anne Marie Howard

Hosted from the heart by
Anne Marie Howard

Directed by
Dutch “Man of Action!” Merrick

Special Guest Alexandra Paul

Episode Written by
Ben Krompak
and Dutch Merrick

Director of Photography
James “Speed..” Legoy

Camera Operator
John (yes, my real name) Smith

Playback Operator
Brian Wilson

Additional Footage provided by
Tim McHugh
Robert Malin
Paul Hubbard
Dutch Merrick

Graphic Support
John Harrison

Stage Provided by
John Smith Images

“Strength Through Peace”
Music and Lyrics by
Alex Arndt & Kay Glynn

Footage from
PBS/ Moyers Journal

Series Crew:
Chad Ely
Anne Marie Howard
Dutch Merrick
James Legoy
Andy Juniewicz
Sharon Manitta
Ben Krompak
Field Producer, Camera Operator
Tim McHugh
Field Producer, Camera Operator
Robert Malin
Field Producer, Camera Operator
Paul Hubbard

Additional Volunteers
Thomas Gallagher and Phoebe
Chris Taylor
Sam Aaron
Sue Sterkenburg
Mansoor Sabbagh
Jeanne Kyle
Alysia Hall
Bryon Crouch
Brian Kinney
Roger Pietschmann
John Warner
Meryl Ann Butler
Mark Lipmann
Marr Nealon

Those that helped
make this show Possible
Chad Ely, Ely Multimedia
Tim Watts/ Studio B Productions
Ben Krompak/ Krompak Communications
Alan Chimenti/ RAdium, SFO
Mahoko Kuramasu/ Radium, SFO
Dean Andre
David Charnow
John Hays
William Jackson
Gabrielle Noske
Sarah in Michigan
Mary Jacobs
Sean Everett
Sandra Marsh
Marcus Brandon
All of our Dedicated Viewers

Special Thanks,
Jamie Cromwell
Rick Overton
Melissa Etheridge
Alexandra Paul
Davis Fleetwood
David Schiffmann
Michael Benner
Mr. Harry Tuttle
Tyler Durden
Winston Smith
Frances Fisher
Bree Walker
Ani DiFranco
Michael Franti
Sean Penn
Viggo Mortensen
Sharon Jiminez
Bob Jiminez
Byron DeLear
Hector Elizondo
Esai Morales
and Elizabeth Kucinich

Let’s make sure we keep this
Progressive Hero
in Congress in 2008!


Dennis Kucinich’s Final Presidential Message To Us All (video)

State of the Union Reaction from Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) (vid link)

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