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by Grim
Grim’s blog post
Jan. 30, 2008

Not long ago, I was browsing through my bulletins in search of anything that might catch my eye. While doing this I noticed a trend, and upon further examination I came to see that about 40 out of 50 bulletins were some sort of Ron Paul buzz.

So I wrote a bulletin of my own.

It wasn’t terribly insulting or cruel, and it was fairly short and to the point.
A simple point, which was:
The election is not real, the winner is predetermined…the media circus we’re experiencing now is just another control keeping us content, convincing us we have a voice.

I’m willing to be nearly all my Transformers that Ron Paul isn’t the predetermined winner.

So it follows that he cannot win. Not because he won’t get enough votes, but because it is not a real election.

I tried to explain that the whole Ron Paul campaign is just another control, too.

In any system there will be dissidents. The system could choose to ignore them, but in doing so forfeits any control over them.

But if it gives them a false hope…some sort of dead-end trap disguised as a honeypot, then they still feel like they are dissenting, while in truth they are just letting themselves be controlled.

Which led me to a suggestion.

Forget Ron Paul. Ignore Ron Paul.

Concentrate on making this a place where we have REAL elections, and then concentrate on candidates for them.

Don’t tell people to vote for RP, tell people to not vote. Let the media cameras see polls with zero turnout – that would be a far more powerful message than a statistically minor number next to some candidate’s name while the media parade out the predetermined winner.

Then something surprising happened.

Out of my friends list of 1000+ people, I received almost instantaneous assaults from every direction. I was called a zionist, a neocon mole, a hypocrite, a hate-mongerer, a coward, a really cool handsome dude (that one was from your mom. ZING), and all sorts of other amazing and amusing titles. Bulletins went out as people protested in their outrage that I dare, DARE, question the almighty Ron Paul movement.

I also did get a handful of thought out, rational replies. Some who agreed, and plenty who disagreed but were looking to intelligently debate it. To those people, I give my thanks. It was refreshing.

To the rest of you, I have a question.

When I go to your site, and I see the Matrix-esque code in the background, and the Red-Pill ‘wake up!’ pictures, and the inspiring quotes to trust no one blindly, to think for yourself, to speak freely, etc…I wonder about something…

Why is it that you are so comfortable questioning EVERYTHING…the very reality we base our lives on…and yet suddenly so frightened and enraged when I dare suggest you question the political candidate of your choice?

Stop being part of the system, stop marching along in this sad parade. You want to speak out, want to change things, want to make a difference…and that is so noble, but it’s all for naught if you’re doing it by the rules of the system you’re trying to change.




h/t: After Downing Street


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  9. I have donated to Ron Paul’s campaign, and a couple other Democrats campaign. I’ve seen websites that attempt to locate your perfect candidate based on issues alone, and Gravel, Kucinich and Paul are generally in the top three. For effectiveness in convincing people about at least some of the issues I care about, Edwards wins. So I think I’m pretty impartial in this discussion.

    I agree that there is a small percentage of Ron Paul supporters who go over the top. It appears to be higher because the advent of search engine reminders like Google News makes it so easy for someone to track and respond to so many website comments. But I don’t think that the typical person who has actually voted for Ron Paul or donated to Ron Paul is anything like the angry rude minority that make websites (and some campaign locations) unpleasant.

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