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by Grim
Grim’s blog post
Jan. 30, 2008

Not long ago, I was browsing through my bulletins in search of anything that might catch my eye. While doing this I noticed a trend, and upon further examination I came to see that about 40 out of 50 bulletins were some sort of Ron Paul buzz.

So I wrote a bulletin of my own.

It wasn’t terribly insulting or cruel, and it was fairly short and to the point.
A simple point, which was:
The election is not real, the winner is predetermined…the media circus we’re experiencing now is just another control keeping us content, convincing us we have a voice.

I’m willing to be nearly all my Transformers that Ron Paul isn’t the predetermined winner.

So it follows that he cannot win. Not because he won’t get enough votes, but because it is not a real election.

I tried to explain that the whole Ron Paul campaign is just another control, too.

In any system there will be dissidents. The system could choose to ignore them, but in doing so forfeits any control over them.

But if it gives them a false hope…some sort of dead-end trap disguised as a honeypot, then they still feel like they are dissenting, while in truth they are just letting themselves be controlled.

Which led me to a suggestion.

Forget Ron Paul. Ignore Ron Paul.

Concentrate on making this a place where we have REAL elections, and then concentrate on candidates for them.

Don’t tell people to vote for RP, tell people to not vote. Let the media cameras see polls with zero turnout – that would be a far more powerful message than a statistically minor number next to some candidate’s name while the media parade out the predetermined winner.

Then something surprising happened.

Out of my friends list of 1000+ people, I received almost instantaneous assaults from every direction. I was called a zionist, a neocon mole, a hypocrite, a hate-mongerer, a coward, a really cool handsome dude (that one was from your mom. ZING), and all sorts of other amazing and amusing titles. Bulletins went out as people protested in their outrage that I dare, DARE, question the almighty Ron Paul movement.

I also did get a handful of thought out, rational replies. Some who agreed, and plenty who disagreed but were looking to intelligently debate it. To those people, I give my thanks. It was refreshing.

To the rest of you, I have a question.

When I go to your site, and I see the Matrix-esque code in the background, and the Red-Pill ‘wake up!’ pictures, and the inspiring quotes to trust no one blindly, to think for yourself, to speak freely, etc…I wonder about something…

Why is it that you are so comfortable questioning EVERYTHING…the very reality we base our lives on…and yet suddenly so frightened and enraged when I dare suggest you question the political candidate of your choice?

Stop being part of the system, stop marching along in this sad parade. You want to speak out, want to change things, want to make a difference…and that is so noble, but it’s all for naught if you’re doing it by the rules of the system you’re trying to change.




h/t: After Downing Street


Seriously, it’s time to not vote in the presidential election by Lo





39 thoughts on “Much Ado About Ron Paul by Grim

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  2. I see a lot of great responses on both sides of the issue, but I also see a lot of people debating policy…or the fact that if we don’t vote, then those who do will decide the election.

    None of our votes will count. Nor will theirs.
    Nomatter who votes for what, the winners are predetermined. The process is rigged, cooked, fixed – whatever you want to call it, it is NOT in our hands. Our voices do NOT matter. This is no longer OUR country.

    So it doesn’t matter what you think of Ron Paul or what his platform is. He simply is not going to win, and it has nothing to do with how many votes he manages to accumulate.

    What it has everything to do with is this:
    The entire electoral process is a farce. It is not real. It is a show put on to convince us our voices are still heard and we can still change things when we need to, thus distracting us from the truth.
    And the truth may be something you don’t want to believe, it may be something ugly and frightening, but it is staring us in the face and it will not back down until we stare it right down and do something about it.

  3. So, who are you going to vote for, U ? Authority? It’s the primary election and we don’t have choices. The nominees have been selected for us already by the media and powers that be.

    coollikeme, not sure who you are directing your comment to?

  4. Ron Paul will not win, premeditated or not. Ron Paul had no shot at winning end of story. If making excuses makes you feel better then go right on, and keep writing. He is the worst candidate that ever ran for president. He needs to drop out NOW!!!!!!!!

  5. So if we all don’t vote, then it would take only 1 voter to decide the outcome. Sorry I’ve paid my dues, and until the only voice I really have is taken away, I will USE It.

    Vote by Absentee BAllot, no morph test thuggery, or Cage.
    No count ? ?
    Nothing beats a failure, except a TRY.

  6. The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker, the point of this post is that the elections are not free in Amerika, they are rigged. The media choses the nominees, not us. If we continue to vote, we are complying to the system. It’s not apathy, it’s rebellion.

  7. I understand both sides of the argument because I veer wildly between the two sides expressed here.

    Bottom line, we’re not absolved of the obligation to play our part in this drama, even if we lose. Part of what caused this mess was apathy. We weren’t watching the store and they robbed us blind. I don’t want to believe it’s too late.

    We tried a collective strike last September 11 and too few people participated for the world to even notice. That’s sad, because I’ve met only one person who agrees with this war and believes the MSM, but he’s (no joke) certifiably insane.

    I think impeachment is pointless. It doesn’t DO anything, least of all remove these monsters from power. The good people in Congress, the ones who haven’t been bribed, are being threatened. We the People are hostages.

  8. The message is the Revolution, not the messenger.

    The vote is purely a symbolic collective message to the System that we know… That we know that the System does not work for us any longer. It is also a statement of defiance. It is a radical statement of defiance to the very System that seeks to control us to vote for Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. We have already begun to corrupt the System from within by spreading their messages of defiance far and wide… through any channel we can- corporate media, internet, meet-ups, and the ballot box.

    Awareness leads to action. Mass Awareness leads to Mass Action. First we collectively spread the message, we then make our collective symbolic statement- we vote; At last we initiate a collective physical action for genuine progression… In the streets! In the faces of our public servants! In our schools, churches, and market places! A straight up culture jam to end tyranny in all it’s forms. Let us start with a collective ‘IMPEACHMENT NOW’ campaign.

    “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”
    -Mother Teresa

    Anarchy anyone?

    ~peace out there
    begins in here.

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  10. Kucinich just said he would consider Ron Paul as a running mate. He didn’t say that he was the only person he would consider.

  11. First – thanx for the blog and thanx for the article.

    I am pounding on the same stuff over at OpEd News pretty persistently these days.

    There is nothing about believing we were all born equal, that we are equal under the eyes fo the law or life for everyone, liberty for everyone and the pursuit of happiness for anyone who thinks paying taxes is a mighty fine idea.

    Give me Mike Gravel ANY day over the vastly undigestable DR. Paul.

    Why people can’t see what is at stake here merely aggragating over one issue is beyond me.

    I think it has to do with the religious undertones, very very covert they are too.

    I have written out so many objections to Ron and the Paul Bearers I cannot type them anymore.

    And I just want to say – anyone anyone at all that thinks America can be saved now without any impeachment process is whacked.

    Once again that google


    Make you afraid – sure does me.

    Just can’t wait to see the FURTHER breakdwon in the rule of law that’s coming.

  12. I can understand why one doesn’t vote or want to vote, but it doesn’t change anything. Of course, it doesn’t change anything by voting for the predetermined mainstream candidates.

    It foolhardy and naive to think that any politician will radically change anything This very much includes Ron Paul

    The only way change will happens is if it percolates up from the bottom. The only way that this is going to happen is by constitutional amendment giving the people (not corporations or corporate lobbyist) the right of initiative and referendum.

    If you are serious about change get a petition from Gravel’s organization and start collecting signatures. If a enough signatures are collected it will be put on the ballot. If it passes in only 38 states it becomes the law of the land, and that is in spire of the Bush Regime and Do-Nothing anti-consitutional “Democratic Congress.”

  13. Have you looked at the number of delegates?

    93 delegates
    States Won: FL,NH, SC
    Mitt Romney Romney
    59 delegates
    States Won: WY, MI, NV
    Mike Huckabee Huckabee
    40 delegates
    States Won: IA
    Ron Paul
    6 delegates

  14. I don’t see anything here but sour grapes.
    You are both Kucinich supporters, and now that your candidate is out you want us all to join your pity party and not vote like it’s some noble act of peaceful resistance.
    Have you ever heard of compromise? There are a few things I don’t agree with Ron Paul on, he’s not perfect by any means. He even states “how I may have flaws the message has no flaws.” He is the most authentic candidate left. He is the only anti-war candidate left. He’s our only hope to try to turn this shit around.
    The reason why Kucinich endorsed Ron Paul wasn’t because they agreed on some issues, it’s because Kucinich knows that this country needs a new direction.
    Ron Paul represents the kind of changes that this country needs.
    Dennis can see it, why can’t you?

    ~TATONKA (Ron Paul Republican)

  15. What makes you think the powers that be would care one bit that you didn’t vote? I think if election turnout were zero, they would simply shrug and go on about the business of rampant theft, killing and torture.

  16. The media has chosen its candidates for president, not us. I have no one to vote for at the moment. Time will tell if a third party candidate will come forward that can compete with the money/power behind the already selected nominees of the Dems and Repubs.

  17. It’s reasonable to question whether or not voting will matter. I would say vote and also work to make voting matter. The war profiteers will be out voting for their best war candidate. I guarantee it. Not voting is giving up, whether or not the candidate of your choice wins or loses. If 90% of the people showed up, I guarantee you the leaders would take notice. If only the 10% who are self-serving war-mongers showed up, then you know what would happen. The legislators would all say “lets roll” in unison when the call for war in Iran is sounded. Personally I’d like to see coalition governments with multiple presidents sharing the office.

    It isn’t as simple as taking the blue pill or the red pill. The very parallel to taking a pill is sinister.

    What we need is to get the peace troops out protesting in public and surely voting is a democratic right we should exercise, whether or not the process is fixed by rigging some of the vote counting machines. ‘Cause if only 10% of the people show up, the message to the legislators is, “buwah hah hah, I guess they don’t care if we take bribes.”

  18. In the old old old days (before television or computers, before radio and the telgraph, before even the printing press) anyone who wanted to get a message heard needed to speak loudly and often and to as many people as possible. In order to maiximize the impression left (and therby contribute to the word of mouth) that individual would have to go to extremes. All the great “nomadic” preachers in Europe knew this, and a major reason Catholics sainted some people (not all by any means, but a major contributing factor in numerous cases) was the impression they left behind. These are people who lived in caves or on top of poles or wore painful attire for decades -all to make a point, and make it so loudly that even people who never met them in person would get it. No, I do not beleive Ron Paul will win the presidency, but my concience will not allow me to vote for anyone else. Playing the game of the elite we may be, but it will be remembered, and if nothing else, in future generations to come, we can hope that this shining moment, when millions of Americans from all over the social/political/economic spectrum stood together and said “no”, will be recalled and, if necessary, those mythical future-people will find the courage to shake off their apathy and (violently if need be) cast off the chains that bind them. I don’t advocate any form of violent actual-people-die-by-the-thousands revolution at this time, not while we at least have the appearance of a working system.

    But one never really knows, hm?

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  20. Good afternoon. I was pleased to read an article that made sense to me. I am not touting my own intelligence here but I have been giving this speech at work for quite some time. Refreshing to know that there is at least one human being who sees that we can never win playing their game with their rules. I would love to discuss this further if you ever get the opportunity. While I do agree with the point of the Ron Paul movement sadly it is misdirected. I hope to get the chance to discuss further, again an excellent read. Thanks

  21. Thank God not everyone is as apathetic as you are. We finally have a vehicle to drive this movement. What else would we get behind that could act as the vehicle to carry this forward. It sure wasn’t happening before and Im afraid it wouldn’t happen after. This has been the greatest thing ive ever been a part of and it’s too bad your too pessimistic to take part in the Revolution. That’s allright. You can thank us later. We’ve woken up SOO many people with this Ron Paul campaign and Im damn proud.

  22. “Why is it that you are so comfortable questioning EVERYTHING…the very reality we base our lives on…and yet suddenly so frightened and enraged when I dare suggest you question the political candidate of your choice?

    “Stop being part of the system, stop marching along in this sad parade. You want to speak out, want to change things, want to make a difference…and that is so noble, but it’s all for naught if you’re doing it by the rules of the system you’re trying to change.” ~Grim

    That is an excellent point. I hope you take it to heart because your suggestion of not voting is also part of the system. Consent has three forms. You mention two of them: agreement and protest. The third is apathy.

    You see things on a deeper level than the people trying to shove Ron Paul down your throat, but refraining from voting is not deep enough to make a difference.

    When you say that the election is predetermined, you are talking about the Superdelegates and Unpledged RNC that can swing support toward any candidate they want and have always determined the two people we can choose from.
    If you didn’t vote, their job would be easier.
    If you protested, their job would be easier.
    If you agreed, their job would be easier.

    So what can we do to stop being part of a predetermined reality?

    We can form our own reality.

    Reality is like a path through the woods; if the one you’re on goes off a cliff, switch to a different path, or make your own.

    We want a Constitutional government and we will have it. We do not consent to anything less than a federal government that obeys the highest law of the land. We aren’t going to be part of a system that tortures, rapes and murders little girls in other lands. We will not finance it. We will not obey orders that create such an environment. We will not vote for someone who helps create a system where that happens. If someone is named president who tries to force us to be part of that system, we will not comply. If someone attacks us, we will defend our homes, our families and our neighbors with deadly force if necessary.

    The United States of America is not the president and anything he says.

    The United States of America is the Constitution and those who follow it.

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