Seriously, it’s time to not vote in the presidential election by Lo

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Here is a collection of various posts questioning our “free” elections and the choice of not voting in the presidential election. I would still encourage you to support local candidates and put your energy and funds towards electing them.

It’s sad to come to this conclusion, it really is. I’ve known about it for a long time yet somehow my desire for it to be like I wanted it to be kept me from seeing the truth. Our elections are a farce. The illusion of democracy can be very powerful.

~ Lo

A challenge to the status quo?
February 1, 2008

ELECTION 2008 is headed toward D-Day–the Super Tuesday primaries in roughly half the country on February 5–and for both Democrats and Republicans, the race to become the presidential nominee is up for grabs.

On the Democratic side, Barack Obama is coming off a huge victory in South Carolina, on the strength of another record-smashing turnout of voters, especially African Americans. But Hillary Clinton has the advantage of a more experienced campaign machine and the support of most party leaders in the big states that vote February 5.

The Republican race is somewhat less in disarray than before–it looks to have become a two-way contest between John McCain, who nearly ended his campaign months before the primaries began because he ran out of money, and Mitt Romney, whose personal fortune is so vast that he’ll never run out of campaign cash, to see who will be the last (white) man left standing.

The media will be filled to the brim with guesswork about what will happen on Super Tuesday. Lost in that speculation will be the bigger picture–what the outlines of Election 2008 so far say about U.S. politics.

As the historian Howard Zinn put it, “There’s hardly anything more important that people can learn than the fact that the really critical thing isn’t who is sitting in the White House, but who is sitting in–in the streets, in the cafeterias, in the halls of government, in the factories.”

This is why, for socialists, elections are only a small part of what we look to as “politics”–and that would be true even if we had a system where there was a genuine alternative at election time representing the interests of workers.

That’s not to say that elections are a distraction, to be ignored by anyone who really cares about changing society. As Frederick Engels pointed out a century ago, “the most edifying squabbles” break out within the confines of mainstream politics, casting light on the real interests of the rulers and the ruled in society.

Election 2008 is showing the thirst for real change. Achieving that change, though, depends on the struggle from below.



The Grand Delusion

By Joel S. Hirschhorn
11/14/07 “ICH

With an endless, futile and costly Iraq war, a stinking economy and most Americans seeing the country on the wrong track, the greatest national group delusion is that electing Democrats in 2008 is what the country needs.

Keith Olbermann was praised when he called the Bush presidency a criminal conspiracy. That missed the larger truth. The whole two-party political system is a criminal conspiracy hiding behind illusion induced delusion.

Virtually everything that Bush correctly gets condemnation for could have been prevented or negated by Democrats, if they had had courage, conviction and commitment to maintaining the rule of law and obedience to the Constitution. Bush grabbed power from the feeble and corrupt hands of Democrats. Democrats have failed the vast majority of Americans. So why would sensible people think that giving Democrats more power is a good idea? They certainly have done little to merit respect for their recent congressional actions, or inaction when it comes to impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

One of the core reasons the two-party stranglehold on our political system persists is that whenever one party uses its power to an extreme degree it sets the conditions for the other party – its partner in the conspiracy – to take over. Then the other takes its turn in wielding excessive power. Most Americans – at least those that vote – seem incapable of understanding that the Democrats and Republicans are two teams in the same league, serving the same cabal running the corporatist plutocracy. By keeping people focused on rooting for one team or the other, the behind-the-scenes rulers ensure their invisibility and power.



Time to Boycott Voting

By Joel S. Hirschhorn
0/02/07 “ICH

After many years of political disappointment, more progressives, liberals and conservatives – and certainly moderates and independents – know in their hearts that voting for Democrats or Republicans is a waste. Just imagine if voter turnout was cut to 25 percent or less! Let the whole world see Americans boycotting a broken and corrupt political system and rejecting what has become a delusional democracy. To keep voting in an unjust political system makes us willing political slaves that the rich and powerful elites exploit.

Just leaving the major parties is not good enough and, besides, most Americans are not party members. We need a bolder strategy. We must humiliate the political elites in both major parties and the corporate interests that support both of them. We can send a shock wave throughout the political establishment by not voting in the 2008 presidential election.

Stop playing THEIR game. Take back control. Take back YOUR nation. Time to boycott voting. This strategy is consistent with the thinking of Gandhi and King: peaceful resistance to political tyranny that can bring the corrupt system to its knees. Ultimately, the most effective protest is through civil disobedience – to visibly and stubbornly refuse to respect what has become a corrupt, untrustworthy system. Before it can be fixed it must be deconstructed and then rebuilt. Taxation with MISrepresentation means we need a Second American Revolution; it must begin – not with violent action – but with massive withdrawal by citizens that have seen the light. We have a good head start with about half of eligible voters already so turned off that they don’t vote. Obviously that has not been sufficient to change the system.

There will be negative, defensive knee-jerk reactions to this audacious strategy. Let’s examine them:

Many will think that taking such action violates our responsibility as citizens. But taking that responsibility seriously as engaged citizens in the Jeffersonian sense must reflect that there is still a valid contract between citizens and their government. When we vote we have the right to a political system that respects we the people and gives us an authentic representative democracy. We have a right to a constitutional republic operating under the rule of law. But we have elected representatives that no longer have the public interest as their primary commitment, nor truly honor and respect our Constitution.

They have been corrupted by corporate and other special interests that fund their campaigns to get the laws, loopholes and largesse they want. They have been corrupted by power and the perks of office. They are political cowards and mostly intellectual midgets. The two major parties have a stranglehold on our political system that no longer merits our participation in their crooked game. Political parties are not part of our Constitution and the two-party duopoly has demonstrated that both Democrats and Republicans put their own interests above those of we the people, our nation and our democracy. We cannot vote our way out of our current, dreadful political system.



Why I Will Not Vote In 2004

By Carolyn Baker
05/04/04 “ICH

The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful and virtuous. — Frederick Douglass

On May 3, 2004, the California Secretary of State nixed all electronic, touch-screen voting in the state and called for the criminal prosecution of the Diebold Company. For those who have been researching the questionable practices of Diebold and the potential manipulation of electronic voting, ( and,2645,63191,00.html), California’s decision appears to be a victory for American democracy but does not necessarily herald hope for clean elections in November since overwhelming evidence suggests that conflicts of interest permeate the relationship between electronic voting machine companies throughout the nation and Republican politicians. For example:

• In 2000, 5 of the 12 directors of Diebold, a leading voting machine manufacturer, made donations totaling $94,750 to predominately Republican politicians;

• Former Florida Secretary of State Sandra Mortham (R) and Former State Election Supervisor of California Lou Dedier (R) both have ties to Election Systems and Software (ES&S), one of our nation’s leading voting machine manufacturers and tabulators. Sandra Mortham was a lobbyist for ES&S and the Florida Association of Counties during the same time period. The Florida Association of Counties made $300,000 in commissions from the sale of ES&S’s voting machines. ( Still worse, it appears that another episode of name purges is imminent for Florida voters for the November elections, a re-run of 2000. ( Other states may follow California’s lead—or not.

If there is an election in November, 2004, and it is not absolutely certain there will be, as I will be discussing later in this article, I am not willing to vote unless I can have a paper receipt verifying my vote. This is not possible in the state where I reside.

“But why don’t you vote absentee?” the reader may ask. Because in a similar manner, absentee ballots can be tampered with as they were in Florida in 2000:

The data shows that out of over 21,500 absentee ballots cast in Escambia County, not one voter overvoted their ballot by placing marks next to the names of only two presidential candidates. However, 296 absentee voters placed three or more marks on their presidential ballot.

The odds against this occurring naturally are vanishingly small. And when one considers that the Escambia County Canvassing Board manually duplicated over 2,400 absentee ballots that were originally read by machine as overvotes and undervotes, the only conclusion is that the duplicate ballots created in Escambia County did not reflect what was on the original absentee ballots themselves. (



Much Ado About Ron Paul by Grim

Ron Paul’s replies CA debate 01.30.08

Tyranny Rising (video; 1946)

The Winning Ticket: Hillary and Diebold in 2008 By Mike Whitney

50 thoughts on “Seriously, it’s time to not vote in the presidential election by Lo

  1. Jennifer F: guess you didn’t see my previous comment, “I would like to point out that this is only about the primary election. Who knows who will be running on third party tickets come Nov.”

    Nader hasn’t decided yet but is considering a run; and the Green Party ticket is not on my upcoming primary ballot, so I don’t have the choice of voting for her.

    But this is not about us working hard to elect progressive candidates; the elections are a farce! Please read Grim’s post and comment above. We, the people do not have any choices. It’s a sham. It’s a delusion, we are being taken for a ride.

    Have you read any of the articles I cited above in my post?

  2. What about Nader and McKinney? We all wanted Kucinich, Gravel, or some other progressive…these two embody these ideals! I don’t want those of us who really wish to see a progressive candidate give up. We can work and work hard to see these people give the top runners a run for their money!

  3. Now that the media-contrived field is whittled down to two corporate Dems, the last train has left the station, as far as those of us who aren’t grillionaires are concerned. Some “historic choice” we’re presented: Go for the guy with more money from Wall Street or the gal with more money from defense profiteers.

    Still, I can’t see that not voting is an answer. On Tuesday I’ll cast my wee vote of protest for Edwards, then I’ll show up in November for whichever Dem has been annointed (or likely the “dream team” that seems to have been concocted all along).

    To me, it’s obvious that any Republican — aka, blatant warmongering tyrant — would be worse.

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  5. Grim posted this on Much Ado About Ron Paul by Grim, however, it also applies here.


    “I see a lot of great responses on both sides of the issue, but I also see a lot of people debating policy…or the fact that if we don’t vote, then those who do will decide the election.

    None of our votes will count. Nor will theirs.
    Nomatter who votes for what, the winners are predetermined. The process is rigged, cooked, fixed – whatever you want to call it, it is NOT in our hands. Our voices do NOT matter. This is no longer OUR country.

    So it doesn’t matter what you think of Ron Paul or what his platform is. He simply is not going to win, and it has nothing to do with how many votes he manages to accumulate.

    What it has everything to do with is this:
    The entire electoral process is a farce. It is not real. It is a show put on to convince us our voices are still heard and we can still change things when we need to, thus distracting us from the truth.
    And the truth may be something you don’t want to believe, it may be something ugly and frightening, but it is staring us in the face and it will not back down until we stare it right down and do something about it.”

  6. So, who are you going to vote for, U ? Authority? It’s the primary election and we don’t have choices. The nominees have been selected for us already by the media and powers that be.

  7. Ya know, I’m beginning to beieve all that skull & Bones stuff– The evaporation of kerry on kermand wuz too weird for words– and standing there while the kid got tazed, seriusly strange…

    Bloomburg, eh? i’d have to give that one some thought– have to be a better billionairre out there…. But shaking up is key.

    Sorry for my essays. tangents and all!

  8. dandi,
    Lets see;
    Mccain a Hundred yr War, gotta “win(?)”. his position.
    Romney maybe yes or maybe not, depends who he talks to today.
    Huckabee, a Constitutional amendment for right religion, and building a highway, while at War still, without available funds..
    Clinton’s, past associations, for the war, and re-funding the war,on and on.
    Obama, against the war, but votes for re-funding the war, I don’t get that at all.

    the mainstream candidates are about “Winning” the war, policing the world, and shoving “democracy” down peoles throsts at the point of a gun, and paling up with Corporate warmonger’s, while taking away Your rights.

    Someone stands apart from the Status Quo,

  9. Thanks, Natureboy. You have an entire blog post there. Anyway, you’ve made some good points.

    I’m really looking forward to Bloomberg getting in the race and shaking things up a bit (a lot). He has the money to run a campaign, get into the debates, be on the ballots, etc, where Nader didn’t. (I voted for Nader the last 2 pres. elections, and I love Nader.) I also lived in a state that Bush carried by 5% and Kerry didn’t bother to campaign in after Aug. Don’t know if I would have voted differently had the statistics been different.

    The electoral college takes away our individual vote. But that’s off topic really since this is about the primary election.

  10. The last time I felt good about voting was Ralph Nader at the general, but of course had to make sure NY wasn’t going to go GOP before– How silly is that.

    It’s a sham, a scam, and I’m amazed people trust the elections at all after all that malarkey.

    It will be a big boon to the integrity of elections if the electoral college is finally done away with, which is apparently in the works. One person/one vote will help bring back a sense of participation (but only if everyone uses absentee ballots until such time as all electronic machines are categorically banned).

    But fact is, the last two general elections were way too close, should never have gotten to the point where the vote could be stolen, it should have been decisive, and for that failing, I blame the people.

    I certainly blame them for not dissenting the war, and for continuing to not dissent, etc. etc. It’s no longer possible to say they don’t have access to the real news, the news is amazing now, Dandelion Salad is testament to these unique times for independent, non-profit news and amazing commentary.

    There is so much wrong that has been recently exposed and reinforced with the electoral process, especially this idea of private media/industrial forces running national debates, and silly insignificant states deciding primaries and who stays and who goes. Candidates should not be dropping out over Iowa, they should let the people speak, at least half of them, and get a real sense what the preference is.

    But it’s still a huge crime on the part of the people that only 30% vote for the goon-in-chief who gets in on half, or 15% (not all rich people and not all poor, they are all to blame, across the spectrum). So 15% called the shots and killed all these people and wasted trillions, and spawned generations of devout enemies.

    Mind you, that is all not so much vote-boycotting, that’s americon apathy, ignorance and criminal conspiracy in war-crimes, which puts everything in a different scale than all this bickering over domestic policy or social ideology and theory.

    It’s the wars that must end, all of them, now. After that, we’d have so much money from the ‘peace dividend’ that all other problems will be addressed easily, given a conscientious electorate (which will apparently never happen, it seems, so I blame the electorate, but the news-sources are a-changing, it’s a new(s) frontier, may have a huge impact as everyone becomes more savvy and less provincial and gullible). HALF our tax is spent on the military! Imagine…

    It does matter who’s president, a realization I’ve not been so clear about since raygun and M.A.D (which is all still alive and well, never forget).

    All politics aside, and my not having much of a social vision (all prior theory having so far failed, more work needed), the hugest scam and mistake that’s so abused at the world’s and our expense is this ‘commander in chief’ idea, where if a president decides to invade, congress willing or not, everyone then has to ‘support our troops right or wrong’ and ‘support the US while at war’ or be victimized as traitorous and anti-american, etc.

    That is the biggest lie of this war. People should have dissented as we here do. Soldiers should have walked off the battlefield at once the moment the invasion was proven to be propagated for a false-flag red-herring lie.

    It’s as if committing national war-crimes has become the only way to galvanize the nation to a common cause, which again says much about amerigoons.

    Ameriguns are an extremely violent, arrogant, ill-informed and dogmatically anti-intelligent believer cult(ure). Their attitudes are definitely reflected in our foreign policy, it’s way too easy to convince them to support invasions, and way too easy for them to forget the last unforgettable lessons about all that.

    As Scott Ritter points out, we’re addicts to a lifestyle that we maintain only through military atrocity, and that cycle is what’s wrong. Ameriguns supported this, like they supported all the others, and will likely support the next. This is an overfed, self-indulgent, grotesque populace, just about all of it (except fer y’all!) So many still apparently idealize raygun of all the crazy things—they really, truly do not learn! (let’s hope Lo’s blog is making the difference for everyone else, as I know it has for me! Huge awakening on these pages!! Yikes, I’m almost like an armchair activist by now just reading and outraging at all this awesome news here!)

    But It wasn’t always only this way. We were purged by the depression, maybe it’s time to purge us of our addictions once again so we can again live on the land like a community of sentient, intelligent. Compassionate humans, not greed-mongering militaristic corporate-pawn consumeristic blind believers.

    I’ve predicted before that the election is already thrown for McCain. I’ve felt this way since even when his campaign was broke and looked broken last summer.

    This cycle has gone from a dream to the worst (s)election in memory. DK was an amazing candidate for president, better and more appropriate to this moment than any, perhaps ever in modern times– and he had all these other initiatives which look truly inspiring.

    Although I’m mostly concerned with peace and justice, as in ‘No More War and Impeach/prosecute/jail them ALL now’, DK really has amazing vision, energy, optimism and integrity, and no doubt all of his initiatives about health-care and putting people to work on green tech is precisely the wise road for the people. But it’s over for now, all we can do is try to keep him in congress.

    Paul and DK did, apparently split the progressive vote, which was a shame. Paul is anything but progressive, rather distinctly and purposefully regressive, and we definitely don’t need that at this time.

    Paul has literally only two redeeming values in politics that I can see: Anti-war and splitting the goppers to keep McCaine out of office, which to me is an emergency people haven’t caught on to yet (my opinion). I can stand behind those assets full-force, and if he were president, certainly we’d be in far better shape than with Botch.

    But you can’t have Paul be president. (Foreign policy adviser, perhaps). I know DK is far more diplomatic than I, but RP represents some seriously backward ideas, xenophobia, state’s rights on steroids and the god of private property at the expense of the environment and civil-rights. He’s really got some issues to work through (the ‘liberty’ of gays to marry, etc. and then there’s all that other dirt which Dennis didn’t have, in fact nobody to my mind ever had a critique of DK) We’ve all been over it all ad nauseum, and Paul’s been great at the debates exposing the huge contrast of his more normal foreign policy to the insane McBomb/rudey/hucknut/mitt show.

    ALSO, speaking of Paul and his various economic banking theories: Don’t buy gold, don’t invest in gold, don’t become addicted to gold, nor money, nor stocks nor any speculation of any kind.

    I should know about metals and prices, I am a jewelry designer (sculptor who had to make a living, now sort of a brand if you can imagine, and turned down huge buyouts from abusive publicly-owned luxury conglomerates for a reason!) and I can tell you first hand, do not buy into the gold-bug idea, for this reason: Gold is the worst most abusive metal’s mining horror to exist. If you buy in and help drive up the absurd price, you support horrible cyanide leaching mines untold and untellable (See Don’t accept this commodity at the expense of the earth!

    Speculation is also a horribly addictive mindset, not unlike gambling. You don’t need it, we don’t need it, eschew self-indulgent greed at all cost, instead be humble and grow beans barefoot. (Just my two-cents). I myself am converting my company into a co-owned ‘socialist’ community, and will work to give the group their equal stake. Business does not have to be abusive (again my theory, I’ll let you know how it works out~).

    But honestly, I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out the proper course with this and all the other illegal US wars of aggression that RP’s so eloquent about. Giving Paul too much praise for those obvious conclusions still can’t dismantle the seriously odious hyper-right, hyper nationalistic xenophobic and (sorry) serious smells of bigotism of various types. His fascination with guns and militias is already too freakishly insane cultist-Texan/american to even consider, it’s simply not acceptable to a thinking mind, pure crack-pot loonery (no offense, I really have nothing to gain nor prove by saying that, but it’s my honest assessment as I recoil in horror at some of his theories about proper society and domestic policy).

    Paul’s not at all correct in his assessment of many things, for example none of these militias are arming to effectively fight the feds, they are arming to kill animals, and because they are addicted to guns. The entire firearm mentality of this nation needs to be dismantled, and it’s not a fascist notion. If people love their guns, there’s something so ‘full-metal-jacket’ wrong about that, it’s almost like a sane policy can never exist if they’re all running out the ‘cold dead hands’ thing.

    For the reason of his war stance and dividing the goppers, I’m not gonna complain about RP any more. But the fact that he’s the only Gopper against the war, while the entire lot of ’em said they’d do exactly the same thing again (to resounding applause), means to me that there is, once again, something truly amiss about the american culture who would not unanimously recoil in horror upon hearing any candidate say something so obviously absurd. Those horrible Hucks, McBombs, and ghoulianis (r.i.p., big gangster-lawyer bullet dodged there, folks, though being a new Yorker under his thumb endlessly, I coulda told you nobody in the heartland would ever vote for that obviously evil, vindictive caricature).

    But folks, please heed my fear, and help me if you are certain I’m wrong: If McBomb gets in, it’s world war 4 for real. Whatever you decide to do, in the end, if peace is at all important to you, do whatever it takes with your votes and activism to keep McBomb out of office. He a sick-in-the-mind PTSD vet, and needs be removed from government now, and to now retire and go away, even if it means a Shillary ticket or whatever. To let another unapologetic hideous hawk in office, only this time a tried and tested serial-killing warrior, means we’d be looking on this very moment as the good old days. While he may not say it like ghouliani, that he’d ‘take out’ all the states he accuses of harboring ‘terrorists’, that is precisely what McBomb will do, and I have no doubt he’ll go nuclear, at least tactical nukes this time.

    Major disaster folks. I hate politics, and boycotted by now probably more votes than I participated in out of this same disgust. But it’s the same old story, I remember no other way: Let the damn ‘slightly lesser of evils’ dem nominee go to whichever, that’s already a done deal. But after that, pull out all stops and bar that McBomb monster from getting anywhere near that button!

  11. Ronnie, I believe that if you support Paul’s platform you should vote for him. I don’t have any problems with that at all. I’m not telling people to not vote for him. I’m saying that I do not have a candidate to support. You and others, still have someone to vote for.

  12. Oop, I cannot vote for Obama period. It would only be an anti-Hillary vote, and I don’t vote against someone, I vote for someone. Unfortunately, our elections are such that many do choose to vote an anti (anyone other than) vote.

    I would like to point out that this is only about the primary election. Who knows who will be running on third party tickets come Nov.

  13. The message is the Revolution, not the messenger.

    The vote is purely a symbolic collective message to the System that we know… That we know that the System does not work for us any longer. It is also a statement of defiance. It is a radical statement of defiance to the very System that seeks to control us to vote for Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. We have already begun to corrupt the System from within by spreading their messages of defiance far and wide… through any channel we can- corporate media, internet, meet-ups, and the ballot box.

    Awareness leads to action. Mass Awareness leads to Mass Action. First we collectively spread the message, we then make our collective symbolic statement- we vote; At last we initiate a collective physical action for genuine progression… In the streets! In the faces of our public servants! In our schools, churches, and market places! A straight up culture jam to end tyranny in all it’s forms. Let us start with a collective ‘IMPEACHMENT NOW’ campaign!

    “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”
    -Mother Teresa

    Anarchy anyone?

  14. Hmmm…I’ll have to give that a little more thought, but I agree with you on all the important observations made. My thoughts these days are about upsetting the fascist apple cart, and even though you know and I know Obama isn’t even close to what we need in the White House, to keep Hillary out, I would vote for him.

    Now, of course I won’t ever get the choice of voting Hillary vs. Obama. That decision will have been made by people besides the voters of Washington State. That bums me out, and if (or should I say, WHEN) Hillary wins the nomination, I’m not quite sure what I’ll do. Honestly? I probably won’t vote for either party, but I’m hoping a viable 3rd party candidate appears between now and then, and barring that, I’m writing in Kucinich.

    ooppoddoo (Janet Detwiler)

  15. It’s not a matter of dismissing Paul; I don’t agree with him on most of his platform. He’s still the best candidate on the Republican side, however, the only reason I would vote for him would be so he gets more delegates at the convention not because I agree with him on the issues.

    So…I haven’t decided if I’ll vote or not. Today it looks like I won’t be voting. The election is Tues for my state (and a lot of other states).

    Paul supporters, you’ll have to convince me. I’m not quite there yet.


    On The Issues: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul by Lo

    Kucinich considers GOP Ron Paul as his running mate by Sabrina Eaton (audio)

  16. Haha, that’s all you took from my comment? I know that.

    That’s ok, your response does a lot to nail in my point about how quickly you guys dismiss Ron Paul even though Kucinich said he would have chosen Ron Paul as his running mate regardless of party.

  17. Could you have any more of a defeatist attitude? So while Kucinich was in, it was a good idea to vote, but now you remembered that the deck is stacked against us, so you give up? I don’t understand why Kucinich supporters like to quickly dismiss the fact that Dennis said he would choose Ron Paul as his running mate regardless of party. Can you explain that? We are using this information revolution to fuel the Ron Paul Revolution and TAKING OVER the Republican party. Ron Paul’s progress so far is so historic and amazing, but even the anti-war “progressives” still don’t get it. Imagine if RP never joined the race. Yeah maybe Kucinich and Gravel Would have done better, being the only anti-war candidates, but there would have been no one to smack down the Republicans at the debates, and this amazing movement would never have happened. Only socialists and neocons are against Ron Paul… maybe you should ask yourselves what else you have in common with the neocons. Don’t side with those scumbags. Join the revolution, there is absolutely no doubt that it’s real.

  18. I just read this:

    “Yes, that has a lot to do with this post. I have no one to vote for.”

    Yes! I feel the same way. Since Kucinich dropped out, and now Edwards, not that he was my second choice, but still, there is no one representing me, not anymore.

  19. You’ve presented a number of articles with good reasons for not voting., What you have not presented is a viable alternative to changing the system and retaking the government from corporations and corporate lobbyists.

    Mike Gravel’s idea of a constitutional amendment giving people (and not corporations) the right of initiative and referendum is the only solution that I can see that offers hope.

    If everyone that refuses to vote in the fraudulent presidential elections this November gets behind this, things can change.

    I urge everyone to investigate Gravel’s grassworks organizations that are implementing this idea.

  20. Yes, that has a lot to do with this post. I have no one to vote for.

    The point of this post is that the elections are not free in Amerika, they are rigged. The media choses the nominees, not us. If we continue to vote, we are complying to the system. It’s not apathy, it’s rebellion.

  21. I noticed you used to put a lot of postings out about Kucinich, is your sudden choice to not vote because your candidate has dropped out? I don’t understand the change in tone…

    Wouldn’t it be better to get MORE people out to vote instead of making people feel helpless?

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