$700 bribe buys access to voting machines (video)

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Compiled by Nancy Tobi of Election Defense Alliance; this video shows testimony to the NH legislature on what it costs to purchase access, by security expert Harri Hursti, and rebuttals by John Silvestro of LHS Associates, the firm that programs memory cards for all of New England.

Added: January 31, 2008


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8 thoughts on “$700 bribe buys access to voting machines (video)

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  6. The video states that the national security of the US is “in the hands of private corporations, convicted criminals and the United Parcel Service”. Now the first two aren’t so bad, but the UNITED PARCEL SERVICE???? OH NO! This means that ALL the votes will be getting lost and broken all over the place! 😉

    ps sorry for the lousy joke, I realise that this is a very serious issue but I just couldn’t help myself there!

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