Harry Reid: FISA Deal With Dodd, Feingold in the Works (video)

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1.31.08 interview


Keith Olbermann Special Comment: FISA (video)

2 thoughts on “Harry Reid: FISA Deal With Dodd, Feingold in the Works (video)

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  2. Not that any torture is anything to take lightly (coultergeist called waterboarding and the gitmo abuse ‘hazing’), but it amazes me that nobody seems to remember what went on in Estadio Chile during the Pinochet crackdown, funded by the USA.

    Nobody seems to remember the horrible torture and disappearances, knuckles and hands broken, rapes, true torture, the real deal, not comparatively mild waterboarding. Civilians were dumped from planes by thousands, a million campesinos died all over latin america from our ‘democratic’ ideology. How can we claim this ‘democracy’ when real fascism was promoted by us in a half-dozen nations?

    Is this the ‘exporting of democracy’ reid is referring to?
    People need to revisit the reality of that this country really stands for and stop sugar-coating the past. After all, is there any comparison in the history of society to the 100 million native american killed? How can we ever talk about ‘ethnic cleansing’ unless reparations and acknowledgements are made about that?

    The USA was complicit in that, they were complicit in slavery, they were complicit in vietnam, they were complicit in this war, they were complicit with Kissinger, who is as bad a war-criminal as Suharto or hitler (lacking only degree of deaths, but the principles were the same, but the USA outdid hitler and stalin 10-fold with the first nations, yet that remains lost to history). I don’t think the USA should be exporting ideology of any kind after the horror’s it’s wrought over the last 50 years.

    The usa needs to get a lot clearer about it’s sordid past.

    I don’t like this guy at all.

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