Ron Paul’s replies CA debate 01.30.08

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Want to let CNN know how you feel about Ron Paul being ignored @ this debate? Contact them @ any of the links below…
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reagan and ron paul


Much Ado About Ron Paul by Grim


10 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s replies CA debate 01.30.08

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  3. You gotta admit he’s right about one thing: The money is wasted on bogus, illegal wars. Stop the wars and you’d have a peace dividend that would insure the world, educate everyone through grad school, and bail out the debt, all in a term or less.

    We spend more than half our tax revenue on the military/industrial mania: then under Publications, click the Federal Tax Piechart. Corporate welfare on steroids. Do not people get this?? Nobody is attacking the USA, it’s all a crazy paranoid militaristic myth.

    I don’t trust the fed reserve as far as I could throw it, and I’m no paulite as anyone can attest! But stay away from metals. Basing everything in gold will enrich the worlds most abusive mining operations in history. They will mow down the Amazon for this metal, and everything else will become a giant cyanide leaching field. There are huge, horrible consequences to a gold-based currency.

    It was not long ago that gold was about to be dropped by the banks when it was stalled at $265/oz. Mines were blessedly shutting down. But the metal just spiked at over $945! (largely due to the dollar collapse, but also due to hoarders and investors). Bad, bad news for nature and the people who live near these mines. And bad news for the hoarders, speculation is addictive disease.

    Just think of the people who supposedly jumped out of windows over the 1929 crash— people need to stay away from equities, and not sponsor bogus public companies. That’s the truly irrational currency myth which has no bearing in any actual valuation. Stock prices are never in synch with earnings, it’s a sham, only enriching CEO’s and hedge-fund billionaires.

    The entire concept of capitalism addicts the populace to a ‘greed is god’ mentality. None of it’s tenets are good for anyone except the already wealthy and those few who aspire to be fat-cats. And none of it’s theories actually work in the end: Rampant industrialism, which spawned the whole capitalist wildfire, is destroying the globe and rendering the vast majority of humanity in bitter poverty.

    It’s not that commerce is inherently altogether bad, but it must not be allowed to mutate into the cancer of global corporatocracy, personal and corporate profit at the expense of everyone and everything else. Trickle-down only trickled up, never forget that. Pro-capitalist/industrial/big-business policy is bad to it’s core. It doesn’t work in the end.

    Where RP is utterly deranged, in my opinion, is this idea that private property rights is an answer to environmental pollution. It’s there that his logic shows itself for it’s general crackpot element, and get’s worse from there as you try to follow his logic about guns, militias, immigrants, civil-rights, gay rights, etc. Regressive, scary ideas all. But he’s been great at the debates about war (when he gets to speak).

    Anyone have an analysis of McBomb’s smirk every time Paul speaks? What is that about?? As of right now, I predict the greatest threat to world peace is John McBomb. I feel like the robot in lost in space: DANGER! WARNING!! McCain is a maniac.

  4. Andrew hurls:

    “Big government” came into existence because without it capitalism would have collapsed long ago.

    Capitalism did begin to collapse long ago when big government became the norm. A central bank, fiat monetary system, government mandates, and corporate welfare are antithetical to the ideals of free-market capitalism. [link][link] Yeah. Ron Paul is so wrong, that all of his economic predictions have come true over the decades. Yeah, Andrew. Try again. Or, for your sake, don’t.

  5. actually, ron paul *is* trained in economics. austrian economics. if you want to understand how the federal reserve creates the business cycle, read the works of rothbard in particular, who along with friedman (“a monetary history of the united states”) pointed out that the real cause of the great depression was the federal reserve’s disastrous fiscal policies leading up to the 1929 crash, inflating the consumer bubble of the roaring twenties with easy credit and easy money, getting people into debt with loans they could never pay back and which could be called in at any moment, encouraging reckless mal-investment in the stock market, then withdrawing the money supply and tightening interest rates so no one could dig themselves out of the hole that was created for them. it’s a tried and true method for enslaving a country. get the people into debt, make it impossible for them to pay it back, then buy up all their assets. that’s what the international central banking cartels are in the process of doing around the world today, and why it is so crucial that we let the people, through the market, run the economy, rather than a handful of bureaucrats in some elite private establishment who are accountable to no one.

    legalize the constitution. circulate gold and silver as legal tender. then, when the dollar crashes, people will have a way out, and the federal reserve will be revealed for what it really is. that’s all ron paul is proposing.

    any other republican candidate is preferable to him? good luck with your endless wars, constitution shredding and sending all your money overseas.

    how lame.


  6. Ron Paul is completely wrong in his economic arguments. He blames government intervention and the the Federal Reserve for economic problems. He says monetary policies are the cause of the business cycle. When was the Federal Reserve created? How interventionist was the federal government prior to that moment? Why do we have government intervention?

    The answers to these questions prove that Ron Paul is an ignoramus when it comes to basic economic truths. Business cycles are caused by period crises of underconsumption/overproduction that are intrinsic to the capitalist dynamic. Government intervention is necessary to – not completely, but substantive – correct the inherent chaos of capitalist markets. “Big government” came into existence because without it capitalism would have collapsed long ago.

    Some might say that Paul’s ignorance comes from the fact that he is a medical doctor and not a trained political economist (he clearly doesn’t understand basic economic theory). But anybody with a high school history text can read about the gilded age and the tumultuous economic circumstances that result from an unregulated economy. He can also read about how government interventionism sharply ameliorated the negative impacts of the business cycle, reduced poverty, and raised the standard of living in this country.

    The problem with the economy is that we no long have the level of government invention necessary to manage the economy at this stage of world-historical development. We have walked away from the policies that we know work, policies based on a sound understanding of the political economy and a commitment to the well-being of the greater number of Americans.

    Ron Paul’s ideas would be the most disastrous course for this country to pursue. Any of the other Republican candidates are preferable to him.

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