Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 01.31.08 (videos)

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researchris2 This is the debate between the Presidential Democratic Candidates that aired on 1.31.08.

6 thoughts on “Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 01.31.08 (videos)

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  5. I did watch the entire debate, too. It was rather a lovefest, imo. Some of it was good. I’ll try to find a highlights video today to add to this post for those not wanting to sit through an hour and half of the above vids.

  6. Based on having watched the whole thing, I advise you not to waste your time on these videos.

    Gawds, what a yawn. With Edwards gone now, along with the rest of the pack not approved by our corporate media, we’re down to the thoroughly predictable yammerings of a Harvard lawyer funded by Wall Street and a Yale lawyer funded by defense profiteers.

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