How Dictators spread Democracy (video; 1940)

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Andy McMarsland

This proves more than the old adage “truth is stranger than fiction” A Brilliant observation from yesteryear of just how Dictators parade themselves as the defenders of Democracy.

Chaplin prepared the story throughout 1938 and 1939, and began filming in September 1939, one week after the beginning of World War II.

By the time he finished filming almost 6 months later, France had fallen to the Nazis. The controversial final speech that ends the film was a late modification to the script, and has been thought to have been motivated by the dire developments in Europe that occurred over the film’s long production

Chaplin – The Dictator Speech


Bush’s Final State of the Union Speech 01.28.08 (video; transcript)

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  2. Ummm, helloooo…for those of us that weren’t around in 1940 maybe the name of this Chaplin film might be helpful? How the heck else are we supposed to find it online or order it on Netflix?
    Thanks, EB

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