Statement on Edwards’s Dropping Out by Mike Gravel

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by Mike Gravel
Mike’s blog post
January 31, 2008

It saddened me greatly to hear yesterday that John Edwards had decided to drop out of the race. We may have had our differences on some issues, such as supporting gay marriage and ending the war on drugs, but clearly he was a better choice for America than the two remaining so-called top-tier Democratic candidates, Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Edwards and I agreed more than we disagreed on many vital issues, such as ending the war in Iraq, cutting the military budget and fighting the culture of corruption in Washington.

To his credit, Edwards has shown great moral strength and integrity by admitting that his original support for the war in 2002 was “a mistake.” Now, he advocates ending the war in its entirety, something that Clinton and Obama have not done. Clinton and Obama have the power to stop the violence, but neither one has stepped forward to show true leadership in the Senate by confronting Bush and the military-industrial complex on Iraq and the widening war on terror.

And when the mainstream media and the Democratic Party leadership conspired to drop me from the national debates, it was Edwards who kept the pressure on Clinton for her vote in favor of war with Iran.

Let’s not forget that Clinton has raised more money from the military-industrial complex than any other candidate – including even the Republicans! Her ties to corporations like WalMart, her legislation that benefits defense firms like Northrop Grumman and her pro-war voting record – let’s just say we shouldn’t be expecting her to cut the military budget and reinvest the money domestically where it is needed most.

As for Obama, where’s the change? He votes like Clinton, and his endorsement of military spending increases and his Wall Street backing make him yet another corporate-backed Establishment candidate.

Every day now, we hear pundits speculating on who is going to drop out of the race next. In their myopic view, however, they do not understand what we do. Winning the nomination isn’t the only reason some of us run for the highest office in the country. We persevere because we care deeply for our country, and we subject ourselves to the grueling schedule and the often unflattering media spotlight because we believe in the importance of the issues that we bring to the table.

It is these issues where John and I agree that I hope will bring us all together in support of real change – not the safe, focus-group-tested solutions proffered by media-friendly candidates.

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7 thoughts on “Statement on Edwards’s Dropping Out by Mike Gravel

  1. I am more closely aligned with Kucinich also but I was comparing the plans of the top 3 contenders. Move-on and Democracy for America was my source. You could go to their website and find their stated position on all the main issues. John Edwqrds was also for a single payer plan for everyone.

  2. Barbara Beneitone, are you sure it was Edwards that came up with these plans first? How about a source, please?

    Kucinich never voted to go into Iraq, and never voted to fund it, unlike some of the other candidates. Kucinich’s healthcare plan beats out all others. It’s a not-for-profit single payer plan for everyone!

  3. Mike Gravel thank you for your honesty. You and Dennis Kucinich represent brevity and honor in a society that thinks witholding truths is a strategic discipline…sounds like the status quo. I , too will miss John Edwards who was first to come up with comprehensive plans for health care, education, economy and gettting us out of Iraq. He was outspent 6 to 1 and now we have 2 corporatists to chose from. He wanted a commitment from Obama and Clinton that they would have no lobbyists in the White House to no avail. Shame on them and shame on us.

  4. You know, as much as I loved hearing people like Kucinich and Gravel at the debates, I’m really getting tired of Gravel trash talking Barack. I have the same doubts about the race, but they speak about him (Obama) like he was any other prick running for Pres. I don’t know if Sen. Gravel and the rest of you have realized, but we don’t live in Holland. This is not Norway. If Barack came out speaking against Israel, and Military spending, and Wall street, he wouldn’t be a candidate, he’d be any other black man in this country. And If our candidates were Kucinich and Gravel, we’d end up with a Republican president. So, I’m all for moral courage and truth telling, but lets all step back and get some perspective of what the reality is, and what our options are.

  5. Of course, Mike Gravel has it 100% right. The entire election has been skewed and pre-digested for easy consumption by the electorate – eliminating all but the representatives of the MI complex. As Eugene Debs said: “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference” between the ‘democratic’ candidates and their GOP brethren. Only Mike Gravel stood out as a candidate of principle…and was duly silenced.

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