Alone on the left wing by Joe Queenan

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by Joe Queenan
The Guardian
Saturday February 2, 2008

Liberal America deserves a champion, yet the only candidate was too far out in the presidential race

Several weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page story about Dennis Kucinich, the gadfly Ohio congressman who was running a quixotic campaign for the US presidency. The article did not focus on Iraq, or his plans to provide universal healthcare, or his efforts to get Dick Cheney impeached. Nor, for that matter, did it dwell on his presidential campaign. Instead, it exhumed a 25-year-old story that Kucinich may have seen a trio of unidentified flying objects while a guest at Shirley MacLaine’s home in Washington state.

Kucinich, fighting to keep his cash-strapped campaign alive in the New Hampshire primary, would not discuss the incident – presumably because he was more interested in discussing aliens entering the US from Mexico than aliens pouring in from outer space. But the media had no interest in Dennis Kucinich, the Candidate. Their interest was confined to Dennis Kucinich, the Flake.

Once upon a time the Democratic party had a left wing – not in the European sense, as communism has never flourished here and socialism has barely taken root; but by American standards, presidential candidates such as George McGovern and Teddy Kennedy in the 70s and early 80s were pretty far left. (Kennedy, whose contributions to his country surpass those of his more famous bothers, remains uncompromisingly liberal, but represents Massachusetts, America’s most liberal state.) This led to electoral disaster and a Republican golden age, interrupted only by Jimmy Carter’s bewildering presidency and ended when Bill Clinton pulled the party back to the centre of the spectrum, where it is today. Of the candidates on the hustings this year, only Kucinich is even vaguely of the left. And now he has pulled out, lacking the cash to go on and worried that he might lose his congressional seat.


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6 thoughts on “Alone on the left wing by Joe Queenan

  1. An englishmans view. It’s a “Cold War” McCarthyite thing. Everyone whose ideas are to the left of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly politically (ok maybe a slight exaggeration there!) are characterised as hankering for the USSR of Josef Stalin, who was a paranoid, sociopathic, genocidal maniac first, and a “communist” second. Prosperous, free, happy, equitable, left leaning democracies such as Sweden, with quality free healthcare, efficient and sufficient welfare for the less fortunate, thriving world businesses such as “Ikea” and “Volvo”, the largest per capita aid budget in the world etc simply don’t exist in the US. Sadly, a total reliance on “ad hominem” attacks and “dog whistle” politics, which rely on fear, xenophobia, naked greed and apocalyptic war fantasies about “bombing countries back to the stone age”, rather than finer aspirations do. Politicians such as Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader etc would be regarded as more “centrist” over here.

    There is no such thing as the “American Dream” in America, ironically it is more like the Russia of Yeltsin and Putin. It is a plutocracy run purely for the short term interests of a small handful of billionaires and corporations, and nobody else.

  2. John is correct, that guy is biased and/or misinformed.

    I guess the author drew the line at suggesting Big Media wanted DK gone; although he made a decent case for it.

    He gave the legal actions against NBC and FCC short shrift too. Perhaps he is hoping to sell some free-lance work to big media some day 😉

    Since he kept to the usual mainstream media required axiom: “Never mention Dennis Kucinich’s name without negative reinforcement in the same sentence” ; perhaps he was hoping NY Times or Washington Post would pick it up and he would get a payday.

    He was wrong there too 😉

  3. That article lied about Kucinich. Dennis did pose a threat to the other candidates. Kucinich is personally against abortion and is pro-choice. The article falsely claimed he’s pro abortion. The article falsely claimed he wants to ban handguns.

  4. The Democratic Party is not in the center of the political strectrum. They’re on the right.
    Go look at the political compass website. It shows Kucinich and Gravel on the left and everybody else on the right.

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