Pushes the Worst, Ignoring Gravel for President (video)

The Nation just made their endorsement, leaving Gravel’s name out, too.  And they call themselves progressive?!  Shame on them.

The Choice by Christopher Hayes


Dandelion Salad


http://representativepress.googlepage… Pushes the Worst, Ignoring Gravel for President, MoveOn is pushing Obama on us. omits Mike Gravel as a choice for the Democratic nomination.

see left Mike Gravel’s name off in their online poll (updated)

Chomsky Applauds Mike Gravel (video)


Mike Gravel For President 2008

9 thoughts on “ Pushes the Worst, Ignoring Gravel for President (video)

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  3. They didn’t have Gravel’s name on their poll. They are NOT progressive.

    And I’ve decided not to play the game of bread and circuses, I will not vote on Tuesday. From my friend, “what if there was a vote and nobody showed up?” (similar to “what if there was a war and nobody came?”)

  4. Kids, Kids, get a grip. Little as I like it, myself, being an Edwards supporter, the Reality is that a vote cast on Tuesday for anyone but Hillary or Barack will be pointless.
    Pick one or don’t bother calling yourself a Democrat participating in the primary process.

    MoveOn polled its list — as I know, because I’m on it and I responded — and, on the strength of the responses, Barack got the group’s endorsement. Calling what was a totally democratic process “censorship” is just plain ignorant.

  5. I’m really surprised that some of the more progressive (supposedly) media outlets make no mention of Gravel whatsoever. I just caught a bit of Air America radio that was a repeat of the day that Edwards dropped out of the race and they were lamenting the fact that those progressives who were originally choosing between Kucinich and Edwards now weren’t sure what to do with their vote. Absolutely NO mention of Gravel.

    I was backing Kucinich and, I think, in order to be true to my principles I have no choice BUT to vote for Gravel. I really like what the man has to say. He makes sense. I think those of us who are progressives should band together to back Gravel… Anyone with me?

  6. Right on!! MoveOn stop censoring. Obama is not here for change and I can’t believe anyone half awake can’t see that. Peace Now! Green Energy Now! No to Obama’s nuclear friends! No to Obama increasing Military Spending. MoveOn wake up!

  7. Never heard of Gravel,,,, does it hurt his left wing cred if a right wing guy likes his views on taxes, the war on drugs and net nuetrality….???

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