Nader considers running for president again (videos)

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Ralph Nader Launches Presidential Exploratory Committee to Mull ’08 Run

The same day John Edwards exited the race, longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader launched a presidential exploratory committee to decide whether to run as an independent candidate. Nader joins us to talk about his potential run and gives his assessment of the remaining candidates in the presidential field.




Barack Obama Has Me Fired Up & Ready To Go! Or Feed Your Head by Davis Fleetwood

Nader takes steps towards another White House bid

Twenty-seven Reasons to Draft Ralph Nader for President by Rosemarie Jackowski


17 thoughts on “Nader considers running for president again (videos)

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  10. Rip Money Mason 2, well, I didn’t say I was supporting him per se. He’s not a candidate yet. I did vote for him in the last two presidential races. Calling him a spoiler isn’t fair. Anyone can be a candidate. “Either all the candidates are spoilers or none of them!” (Nader)

    I do love McKinney and her platform. We still don’t know if Bloomberg is entering the race.

    I believe the elections are rigged, so it doesn’t make any difference who I support, he/she is not going to win.

    You know who the choices are, they have been picked by the media (corporate-run media).

    The elections are a distraction to the real issues of our day. A kind of bread and circus for the masses. I don’t buy into it. I personally think we should avoid playing “their” game.


    Celebrating Un-President’s Day: Why I Will Not Vote For A President In 2008 By Carolyn Baker

  11. Nader is a phantom candidate, thats is of the same oppression that the working class and poor alike face in trying to have real issue brought to light and basic needs talked about in the form of policy. Nader is trying to be a spoiler to McKinney’s Power to the People campaign. Lo, you said to me that you loved McKinney….. and Nader has not even declared himself as a candidate. But yet in still you go from Kucinich( who there are trying to lynch as they did McKinney in Georgia) to now in full support of Nader. Why ?

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