Please Consider the Courts, All Ye Deeply Ticked-Off by The Other Katherine Harris

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Feb. 2, 2008

Please Consider the Courts, All Ye Deeply Ticked-Off

I’m as upset as anybody about how corporate money and media have undermined our presidential primary process — I wept, when Edwards gave up — but I’m even more disturbed by the “don’t bother voting” movement that’s developing among some progressives and by the whiff of third-party candidacies that would erode Democratic support.

Mind you, I’ve said for ages that we’d be better off with a multi-party system that fosters alliances and accommodations, instead of winner take all; however, that prospect is so far from viability in this country as to be a pipe dream.

One further proviso should be stated before I get to my main point: I confess to feeling torn between voting for Edwards or Obama on Tuesday, having veered back and forth all week. Fortunately, whether or not to throw away a primary vote as a growl of personal protest doesn’t have to be decided in this moment.

Anyway, it’s November that I want to talk about, and the fact that even Hillary — whose husband brought us the media conglomeration that has so distorted news and political discourse (plus the financial deregulation and trade policies that have wrecked our economy) — wouldn’t turn to the Heritage Foundation for her judicial nominees.

If the Supremes get one more member from the radical right, this country will be screwed for decades — not to mention the evils being done daily in our lower courts now packed with right-wing judges who routinely rule for the powerful over those whom they’ve harmed.

Every few years, we get a crack at choosing a better President and Congress, but the courts roll on largely unchanged until someone dies or resigns. Thus due to duration, every judicial appointment has far greater weight than an elective position, impacting not only us but today’s children and potentially another generation to come.

I’d love to be able to vote in November for Edwards — as many others would love to vote for him, Kucinich, Biden, Dodd or Richardson — but I’ll show up and vote for whichever Dem gets that far, because it’s about a lot more than pleasing me. It’s about rejecting the hold of institutionalized injustice, both now and after I’m gone.

There’s also the possibility that Barack or Hillary could surprise us — and even themselves — by putting the people first and telling their grillionaire sponsors to go jump off something. FDR wasn’t elected on the platform that he subsequently enacted, remember? We face similarly extreme circumstances today and either Democrat might rise sublimely to the occasion. No Republican will, nor can any third-party candidate be elected.


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4 thoughts on “Please Consider the Courts, All Ye Deeply Ticked-Off by The Other Katherine Harris

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  2. There is nothing on the books that says how many members the Supreme Court must have. This problem can easily solved by appointing more members who at least have evidenced some kind of moral framework.

    The best thing we can do now is to push like h—- for public funding of elections. That will do more to change the political landscape than any other thing we can do. We can do this at the state level where individuals have a lot more clout.

    Electing tweedle dee or tweedle dum isn’t working for me.

    A word of warning.

    It is a very dangerous thing to say you are “screwed for all time”. In fact it’s the only thing that will make it a reality.

    “Every revolution is impossible until it happens and then it is inevitable”.

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