Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich Interviewed by Visiting Foreign Journalists (vid + link)

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Sun, 02/03/2008

Last Thursday afternoon I participated in a panel discussion at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law/Cleveland State University on “New Media” (blogging and YouTube-based videography) and Voter Concerns in the 2008 Election. This event was staged concurrently with a visit to this country by 20 foreign journalists under the U.S. State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program. For my part I explained my history and purpose in blogging and some thoughts on the role of blogs and the contrasts between bloggers and journalists, projecting Ohio Daily Blog on an enormous screen to illustrate my points.

One of the visitors, Mehmet Koksal of Belgium, wrote me today to say that the group went to the office of Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Cleveland) later during their visit, and Koksal has published an article (in French) on his own blog, Election Reporter, about the marginalization of Kucinich during his presidential campaign (“Dennis Kucinich et la marginalisation médiatique”). Included with that post are fascinating video clips of Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich being interviewed by the visiting journalists. Dennis attributes his lack of success in the campaign to marginalization by corporations which control both the media and industry, and therefore have an interest in maintaining the status quo (including continuation of the profitable war in Iraq). He also asserts that he will not endorse anyone in the presidential race, even though he endorsed Obama for purposes of second-choice voting in the Iowa caucuses. Elizabeth talks about how voters from across the spectrum respond favorably to the authenticity and integrity of candidates who speak truthfully about their convictions, which leads her to discuss comparisons of Kucinich and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex). These are well worth watching:

Video link (part 2)
Part 1
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