Hillary: The Republicans’ Only Chance by Josh Sidman


by Josh Sidman
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Feb. 3, 2008

We are two days away from knowing who the Democratic nominee is likely to be. Discussing policy at this stage of the game seems almost beside the point. At this point, if you’re a Hillary supporter, you aren’t likely to be swayed to Obama based on a discussion of their respective health-care policies. So, I have just one last thing to say to voters in the Democratic primary. If you nominate Hillary and end up losing the White House, you will have only yourselves to blame.

Taking the White House back from the Republicans should be like taking candy from a baby after the Bush presidency. In fact, I believe that Hillary Clinton is the ONLY Democratic candidate who could possibly lose to the eventual Republican nominee.

The right-wing is weakened and dispirited after the horrors of Bush. The energy and enthusiasm that made them the most powerful force on the American political landscape has vanished. In fact, if John McCain is the Republican nominee, I suspect that many conservatives will stay home on election day. That is, unless Hillary is his opponent. There is literally nothing, other than the second coming of Jesus Christ, that could galvanize the Right like a Hillary candidacy.

Barack Obama is a solid, intelligent, well-spoken candidate who Republicans have no reason to especially loath. Given the dissatisfaction of the Republican base, I suspect that in an Obama/McCain match-up, many Republican voters would vote for Obama as a protest-vote against the leadership of their party. In addition, there are many voters on the Left who will never vote for Hillary due to her enthusiastic support of the Iraq invasion. Obama has no such problem. Any anti-war voter, regardless of party affiliation, can whole-heartedly support Obama. In a Hillary/McCain contest, single-issue anti-war voters have no candidate.

Hillary Clinton will lose large numbers of voters on both the far-right and the far-left, and all of those voters could potentially support an Obama candidacy. So, if you’re a Democratic voter getting ready for Super Tuesday, I suggest that you think very carefully before voting for Hillary. If there is a Republican sitting in the White House in ’09, it will be because Hillary put him there.


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4 thoughts on “Hillary: The Republicans’ Only Chance by Josh Sidman

  1. So true. Obama isn’t a dream candidate for progressives, but he doesn’t inflame our opponents as Hillary does — or cling to the rectitude of a disastrous vote, as she does.

    To me, the best statement he made in the last debate is that he knows he isn’t always right. Refreshing, isn’t it? The last thing we need is another self-styled Infallible Decider.

    Despite reservations (many of which I’ve written about here), I’ve decided to give him my vote tomorrow, rather than throw it away by casting it for Edwards. I just sent the following note to his campaign:

    Tomorrow you will have the vote of this former Edwards supporter, Senator Obama. Unfortunately, some members of my family already voted early for Edwards by mail, but we will all support you in November if you win the nomination and make it plain that your allegiance is to regular people, not grillionaires.

    We are very concerned about the extent of your backing by Wall Street and your support of trade policies that benefit them and NOT us. Please understand that education is only a very partial answer to the economic inequity plaguing our society. We in my family are all college-educated, some with advanced degrees, and yet we have no financial security whatever. As the statistics (and our daily lives) tell us, all the gains from increased productivity have gone to the wealthiest for 30 years. This MUST be reversed sharply, as must the horrifying surrender of national sovereignty and sale of national assets to transnational entities with no loyalty to this country or any other.

    We will be watching your economic policies closely.

    Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Hmmm…
    Does one then conclude that this excerpt from Coultergeist (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuTqgqhxVMc) was intended to be a shill-bid for Shillary to divide some part of the electorate and let mcbomb breeze in? It’s odd that her anti-gopper play didn’t get her fired like Montel… there’s no other explanation than manipulation.

    My brief sojourn (return) into politics this past year+, brought on by need to combat a 4-year depression over an unbearable horror with this war and the absurd election fraud which nobody seemed to effectively contest, as well as my profound adoration of Dennis and the hope he brought the world for peace, justice and progress, is soon to be blessedly over.

    It all looked so good for a second. But if they get McBomb in, or Shillary somehow begets another war (I really can’t imagine that billary are as warlike as they sound, isn’t it possibly just a charade to look tough on foreign policy? Bill was very bad at warmongering, and these clowns hated him anyway, no matter who he bombed, and the ‘Wrong’ ALWAYS gets their way, it seems), then I will sell all and leave, travel the world seeking a sane culture of sane, peaceful, progressive, kind and humble people among whom to live if I must, but suffering under the policy of warmongers is no life for me!

    Oh do I so despise amerigoons. So many of them, a majority, are so daft, so stupid, so violent, so backward, and thanks to raygun’s massive overkill military, so unimaginably dangerous… I don’t want anything to do with them any more! They are simply too stupid and brain-dead dangerous believers apparently to be fixed. As Dennis said, if this war and it’s ancillary atrocities and crimes was not enough for people to impeach and change course WHAT IS??

    If this election, like the last one, is once again shown be NOT ‘taking candy from a baby’ and if the goons really do get close enough for hanging chad again, or actually get’s into the ‘goon-in-chief’ chair, then I is OUTA HERE!

    All I can say is, I wish I could find the words to apologize for all the lives we’ve destroyed, but it would take our entire military budget for the next decades to make the reparations required to remotely fix anything for the survivors of our warmongering atrocities, both foreign and domestic.

    It sometimes seems so senseless, wasting our lives trying to fight the clearly corrupt system, when with a wink and a nod from the super-bowl obsessed murderous electorate, the right seems to always win. Americans really LOVE this warmongering fascist stuff like a pandemic disease, just like the Germans did!

    As for the illegal atrocities and unconstitutional antics of the ‘wrong’ wing? One thing I’ve learned this last round is (as you know) that The People just don’t care (!) It seems we are trying to scream sense into a bottomless abyss of hideous, horrible gloating devils who just smirk and go shoot squirrels, and who could care less what america does to keep their SUV’s running and their mcmansions lit.

    I’m just waiting for McBomb’s inaugural address, and the resultant economic bubble from military-industrial stocks, to sell out and finally leave my gorgeous farm, because although America is indeed the beautiful, THE USA SUCKS (I know you’ve heard that one before too, sorry…)

    But I will ALWAYS keep Dandelion Salad as my home page!
    Thank you Lo~

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