Kucinich: Nancy Pelosi was wrong to block impeachment (video)

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Joe Briggs & Jack Kenny interview Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich on a variety of topics including his bill for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney.

Added: February 03, 2008




7 thoughts on “Kucinich: Nancy Pelosi was wrong to block impeachment (video)

  1. ‘Cheisdead’ needs to be on the front loins getting his little balls blown by IED’s (or at least risking life & limb or bullet in brain for our ‘freedom’ mr. soldier/psychopath..). No forgiveness for unabashed warcrimes, sorry to say.

    Say, mr. Cheisaliveandwell, EXPLAIN TO ME ONCE AND FOR ALL WHY YOUR CIA OVERTHREW MOSSADEQ, the most wise and generous model democracy in Iran. To date NONE of you ‘nukeiaraners’ EVER address that one.

    Will at least ONE of you vile militaristic war-criminal neocons finally address that point? (Or admit that you believe that Israelites must return to the promised land so you can be bodily drawn up in the scriptural absurdity of the ‘second coming’ {while your jew-vehicles burn, according to your myth}– at least admit you are a hageeite so we know just what sort of koolaid kultist you actually are).

    Hint: Answer me about Mossadeqh or your mass-murdering militarism will go the way of the rest of those who hunt ‘hadji’ for the thrill of the kill (hence the deranged suicidal retribution).

    You evil red-stated militarists, who bought into the now desperately defunct neocon anti-arab faux-pas, need to now explain to the people exactly why you attacked a former ally nation of NO THREAT TO THE USA, and caused the incineration of a million innocents who happened to live there in the cradle of civilization.

    (and don’t you DARE say it was for human rights, or you’d be paratrooping yer blackwater arse into DARFUR or CONGO right about now, liar!)

    Ga ‘head, sacrifice yourself to some far-flung endless invasion against jihadists for botch’s misguided war for oil, we won’t miss ya one bit.

    Back to the comment intended:
    This is an excellent post. Dennis is great, a last of the living leaders and law-abiding Patriots. Thankfully the public pendulum has finally swung back a bit (if only Edgar Allen Poe style…)

  2. As geeky as Demos are, they do not seem to have the foggiest idea as to what impeachable offenses are. Impeachable offenses are, you know, getting knob polished while Arafat basks in the rose garden, rape, blowing up baby milk factories and pharmaceutical warehouses in sovereign countries in Africa. Taking an army into the Balkans and just running military hardware around the borders of the belligerent states just hoping no one calls your bluff. Bombing World War II allies into submission, the Serbs hate us and will never forget. There are many more dumb and dumber tales. BTW, Hillary should be in prison anyway for assaulting her husband, the President of the United States.

    Now for all of you, “Let’s Close Down Guantanamo Bay”, I am all for it as long as you agree to take these [people into your homes and shoe them how Americans really live. Oh and ladies, I understand they make great babysitters.

  3. Pelosi should be impeached for blocking impeachments we needed to recover some modicum of international standing.

  4. Good point, Robin. I’ve wondered the same about many democrats. Because either they have sold out completely or the Reps have something on them (blackmail essentially).

  5. Thanks for being brave. Very few people are nowadays. Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to women in power. FISA wiretapping has something on her.

  6. Dennis Kucinich has been first and right about every issue being debated in this country. He is by far the most brave contender for speaking truth to power and has raised the bar of consciousness in America.

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