02.01.08 Mosaic News: World News From The Middle East (video)

Dandelion Salad



This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience.


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“Women suicide bombers kill 72 in attacks on Baghdad markets,” Al Arabiya TV, UAE
“Israeli Embassy Attacked in Mauritania,” Dubai TV, UAE
“Government Forces Clash with Rebels in Chad,” Al Jazeera TV, Qatar
“Egypt & Iran Talk About Restoring Relations,” Egypt Satellite Channel, Egypt
“Motaki Receive Support on Iran’s Nuclear Program,” IRIB2 TV, Iran
“Human Rights Watch Condemns US,” Abu Dhabi TV, UAE
“Snow Destroys Crops in Lebanon,” NBN TV, Lebanon
“Famous Lebanese Singer Causes a Storm After Singing in Syria,” Al Jazeera English, Qatar
“MIR: Obama a Winner in the Middle East,” Link TV, USA
Produced for Link TV by Jamal Dajani.