Sibel Edmonds Must be Heard by Philip Giraldi

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by Philip Giraldi
February 4, 2008

Sibel Edmonds is the FBI translator turned whistleblower who decided to go public late in 2002 and has been seeking to tell her story about high level corruption in the United States government involving Turkey and Israel. What makes her story particularly compelling is that the corruption relates to the theft and sale of United States defense secrets, most particularly nuclear technology. Sibel obtained her information while translating Turkish language telephone intercepts directed against several Turkish lobbying groups who had contact with senior officials in the Bush Administration, both at the Pentagon and in the State Department. Many of the officials involved are apparently the same neoconservatives who cooked the books to enable the rush to war against Iraq and who are continuing to urge more wars in the Middle East, most notably against Iran and Syria. Several of them are close allies of leading Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Why should Sibel be heard? Mostly because her story, if true, involves corruption at the highest levels of government coupled with the sale of secrets vital to the security of the United States. One of her claims is that a senior State Department officer who has been identified as Marc Grossman, recorded by the FBI while arranging to pick up bribes from a Turkish organization, also revealed the identity of the CIA cover company Brewster Jennings to a Turkish contact in late 2001. The Turk then passed on the information to a Pakistani intelligence officer who presumably warned the AQ Khan nuclear proliferation network that the CIA was apparently pursuing. Some might call that treason and it should be noted that it occurred two years before Robert Novak’s notorious exposure of Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings which led to the conviction of Scooter Libby.


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  6. Excellent. Good to see that at least one person can spell to akxion 🙂 Actually it was my Google News Alerts doing the job. I’ve kept a close eye on what has been written since Sunday Times started to write. Nada in US MSM of ANY kind.

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  8. There is actually a letter to the editor published in Yuma Sun on February 5, as far as I can tell the first time in ages a (sort of) mainstream newspaper dared to mention the name Sibel Edmonds.

    Just one tiny drop, but let’s drip on more. I’ve added a blog at as well as diaries at MyDD and Daily Kos. Hopefully more people will celebrate, comment and recommend the letter at

    For details:

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