Anti-War Protest meets IRS protest at headquarters DC 03.19.08 + videos

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Updated: Mar 20, 2008 War Resisters Block IRS HQ, 31 arrested

Note when news reports and videos are available from this protest I will make a post of them on my blog and post a link on this post:

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Feb. 5, 2008

Get your asses aboard and bring your game face…. We’re shutting down DC!

Bob Marley Get Up Stand Up


From: ….:the empty mirror :…{loves vegans}

NYC WRL has initiated planning an action at IRS Headquarters in Washington, DC, on March 19, 2008

As part of the ‘5 Years Too Many’ actions, your help is needed as we blockade the “money” pillar of war as other groups nonviolently “attack” other pillars of war.

Please participate with other WRLers, war tax resisters, and other groups at the IRS.

For more information see the actions page of the WRL website or email



more info @


March 19, 2008: the 5th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the beginning of the 6th year of war and occupation, the 6th year of senseless death and massive destruction.

2008 is a critical year in the efforts to bring an end to the war and occupation in Iraq. This is the year the anti-war movement must up the ante, pull out all of the stops and build so much pressure that the war will finally be brought to an end.

United for Peace and Justice is calling for and supporting a set of activities on and around the 5th anniversary that will manifest the intensifying opposition to the war and help strengthen our movement. We invite you to work with us to ensure the success of these actions.

­March 13-16, Winter Soldier: UFPJ is committed to providing major support to Iraq Veterans Against the War and its Winter Soldier hearings in Washington, DC, on Marc­h 13-16. We will help local groups plan events that directly link to and amplify the Winter Soldier hearings, where those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Iraqis and Afghans, will tell the nation the real story of this war.

­March 19, Mass Nonviolent Direct Action in Washington, DC: UFPJ has initiated the planning and organizing for what we hope will be the largest day of nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience yet against the war in Iraq. We encourage people to be in Washington, DC, on March 19th to be part of the civil disobedience, or to assist in support work. We are working to have all 50 states represented in this massive action.

March 19, Local Actions Throughout the Country: We encourage those who are not able to make it to Washington on March 19 to organize local actions. These actions may vary in location or character, but they will all be tied to the protest in Washington and all sending a message to the policy makers: It is time to end this war and occupation!

­Help us make the 5th anniversary the last anniversary of this

­Join our efforts to build the strongest actions in March — actions that will not only mark the anniversary but will also help propel our movement into the critically important work that must be done throughout the year.


Winter Soldier 1971 Clip + Soldiers Testify About the Horrors of War (videos)

Winter Soldier: Jesse Hamilton + Fight to Survive (videos)

Winter Soldiers Testimony (videos)

Iraq war veterans accuse US military of coverups (videos)

US/IRAQ: Rules of Engagement “Thrown Out the Window” by Dahr Jamail

Winter soldier testimonials + Hart Viges (videos)

MIR: Iraq – Five More Years? (video)

Soldiers – Troops


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  12. Dandi,
    Power of the people is held by “We the People…,”, “we” just don’t understand that point. The Elected Officials are supposed to protect the Individual, not the “Mob”.

    Evict all these Useless Incumbents in ’08,
    a Thrid Party is needed to Investigate.

  13. Hi Lo,

    Liam Bailey here. I apologise for my lack of posting lately. Finally got a staff writing job and I’ve been sticking in trying to make a name for myself.

    Just a quick note to say I put my first post in ages onto War Pages last night — I hope you still have a spot for my articles somewhere in your heart, and your site.

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