So what is The Freeconomy Community about?

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-It’s about making the transition from a money-based communityless society to a community-based moneyless society.

-It’s about helping others and providing an opportunity for others to help you.

-It’s about sharing the skills you have learnt through your life and learning those you haven’t.

-It’s about sharing your tools so you all can have access to all the tools under the sun without it costing the earth.

-It’s about using any free space you have to either benefit positive, ethical and local projects, or to enable volunteers to keep doing their amazing work for free.

-It’s about sharing the land you don’t need in order to facilitate a local food community.

-It’s about freeconnecting neighbours.

-It’s about learning to help each other again.

-It’s about getting ready for a post peak oil world.

-It’s about making dinner for a friend who was yesterday a stranger.

-It’s about keeping money out of the equation.

-It’s about communicating face-to-face and phasing out technological communication.

-It’s about putting the soul back into society.

-It’s about helping each other not for profit, but just for the love-ofit.

What is a Freeconomy?

A Freeconomy is a moneyless society in which no money changes and there is no duality between giving and receiving; here they are seen as the two sides of the same non-monetary coin.

Freeconomy is a manifestation of trust, kindness, community and love. Money and credit are a manifestation of fear, insecurity and greed. Freeconomy is the common denominator to all of its solutions; Money and credit are the common denominators of all the world’s ills.

Right now freeconomies are the minority. This is unimportant. Soon they will be the overwhelming majority. Each one of us is a seed. The regenerative power of one seed cannot be underestimated. A forest can grow from the germination of a single seed, and similarly one simple act of generosity can give life to an infinite number of others.

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In the freeconomy community, everyone can share …

There are four main ways in which you can share in the freeconomy community:

Skillshare is about sharing the skills you have learnt throughout your life and learning those you haven’t. With peak oil approaching and climate change occurring more rapidly than most expected, we believe … read more

Toolshare is an initiative which enables members to have access to every tool under the sun without it costing the earth. Members of this scheme in each local community get to … read more

Spaceshare is ideal for people who haven’t got enough time or money to support projects they really believe in, but who have got some space to offer. This may come in the form of … read more

Landshare asks the question ‘Have you got more land than you need or can physically deal with?’ If the answer is yes, then join Landshare and give some of it up to the local community as allotments and become part of a local food revolution. We are approaching a time … read more

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  3. beautiful ideas that mankind has tried in some shape or form before. the only possible way for it to really work is for everybody to be on the same page. Thanks for getting us started!

  4. Thanks Whimspiration, and dk. Yes, we need more people to join, please repost this or go to their site for more info about how to share this info. Send a link to this post to your Freecycle yahoo group.

    This is really about community building as this works in a 5 mile radius of where you live. Time to get to know your neighbors.

  5. Thank you, Lo! Inspiring.
    In 2000, I had a near death experience, then another in 2002. Since then I’ve been actively seeking to just opt out of this sick life-sucking system we are currently living in. My employer gave me a jump-start when they fired me for being sick in such a way I could not even take them to court, phased out my position.
    Since then I’ve not held a regular job, yet I always have work. I might not always have money but I have everything I really need. I have gotten to travel, live in a mansion, eat for free, and various other important things I need but it isn’t easy! And most people I know think I should just go get a regular job, so I have little support. So this post was really inspiring and affirming for me on a deep personal level. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for turning me on to this! I am signing up right now. One can never have too many barter and gifting community affiliations!

    Found you through one of your Myspace bulletins. *grin*

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