Inside a Government Chemtrail Aircraft (video)

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Updated: May 23, 2008 The video was removed so here’s another copy of the same one. ~ Lo


The C.I.A.-N.S.A facility at Pinal Airpark-Marana, (Arizona) is the most important centre that modifies a wide range of aircraft types to conduct the chemtrail spray operations that began the entire United States in November of 1998. Prior to this, selected areas of the U.S.A. had chemtrails operations to test all the technology employed in these chemtrails spray operations and to determine parameters related to aircraft performances and atmospheric conditions. The program is conducted under different code names: “Operation clover leaf”, “Operation raindance” and so on. It is now spread in many countries in the world.

The photo shows the inside of a chemical tanker, that may be was a civil airplane, in which the original furniture was substituted by hydraulic structures, managed by an automatic and computerized system. In the photo, look at the containers probably used to stock chemical liquid compounds (trimetylaluminum) connected by means of a complicated tubes system. Look at the writings: over the black and yellow square, you can read “Sprayer!!”, below “Hazard inside”. Upon a container on the right, you can read “Lock care”.…

All’interno di un tanker chimico (Inside a chemical tanker)


Updated: May 23, 2008



February 06, 2008


Chemtrails: Is U.S. Gov’t. Secretly Testing Americans ‘Again’? by Jeff Ferrell (+ vid)

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  1. First of all:

    1. The airplane in question is one of the prototype Boeing 777 jetliners from the early 1990s. The tanks you see pumped water to different parts of the airplane to test weight and balance. Weight and balance stability are crucial elements of an airplane’s safety. You can find pictures of it on Boeing’s website.

    2. Most of the aircraft at Maranas are being stripped for parts. Being a licensed pilot, I have flown approaches before and taxied by these airplanes. They are missing engines, doors, windows, and flight surfaces. I think even the men in black need an airworthy machine to do their work.

  2. Lunatics. Its funny watching you people go back and forth as if you were serious!

    Go back to staring at the sky for strange trails. It is the ideal vocation for you.

  3. More from Italy:
    Hi, friend…

    Look at the luggage drawers on the right side in the photo. Let’s consider the operations necessary to dismantle something. If you get an assembly of the interior of an aircraft for tests, you don’t have to mount the luggage drawers, because you do it after. Vice versa, when you dismantle, you remove only what you need to remove. On my opinion, it’s clear that this is not an aircraft used for some test, as many people guess, even if the furniture is similar to what is used for flight test. We can see that in an aircraft used for flight tests, there are not luggage drawers. It’s logic: this furniture is not assembled, before tests are over. But in the photo you can see this furniture, i.e. four luggage drawers. So I think that this is a smantled airplane. Any other “information” against this hypothesis is, in my opinion, very suspicious.



    • I have no doubt about Chemtrails but this particular Jet is a test plane to determine ballast and aerodynamics. The barrels are filled with water to determine how a plane will fly depending on the distributed weight on each side of the craft. I am not trying to debunk anything because Chemtrails are a future disaster to all humanity, BUT I have seen too many photos and bull$hit about this particular jet before.
      Keep it REAL!
      People don’t have to make up any stories about this global aerosol campaign. Just look up.

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